Pet Notebook #1: Levels 1-6

So your pets should all be level 5 or 6 now. That’s pretty cool. But unfortunately the next Tamer is level 7. Also, his pets are all nasty spider things that hurt you. Unless you’re packing some serious hardware (Darkmoon Tonk anyone), I wouldn’t try and take him on until you’re level 7. But that’s okay because there’s plenty of cool pets you may not have seen yet! Let’s look at them zone by zone.

The Cool Zones

Dun Morogh

Fluxfire Feline is so cool that they’re going to nerf it in the next patch. Still, it’s a mechanical that does beast damage so it’s worth leveling a few pets on it until you get an uncommon. Snow Cub is also very cute though it may take a long time to get a rare one.



Loch Modan

Little Black Ram is a Beast. It’s also not that hard to find a rare, but they are hard to capture and they sometimes bring an identical friend. Expect to wipe out a few times if your pets are at or below level. That being said, I have two rares and still haven’t maxed even one out. This has a lot to do with the rough treatment Beasts get in the end game.



Tiny Bog Beast is hard to acquire, especially in a rare or uncommon, but it is very good when fighting tamers in the end game. So cap one and hold it until you get an upgrade stone. But don’t waste hours trying to get a rare. The rest of the pets are okay.



Darkshore Cub is worth the trip and seems to have a rare fairly often. Its hibernate ability makes it very hard to kill. The rest of the pets, not so much.


Northern Barrens

A Cheetah Cub, some cool looking snakes, and a (sporadically spawning) Harpy Youngling. What’s not to love?




Kind of hard to get to if you’re alliance. But it’s got lowbie versions of some cool mechanical pets.



You can’t fly in this zone, but the Spirit Crab is fairly easy to farm for a rare if you’re short on cool looking undead pets.


Tirisfal Glades

Lost of Lordaron is worth grabbing, though you probably need a lowbie alt if you’re alliance.


The Meh Zones

Elwynn Forest

All the pets here pretty much fall into the meh category. If you run across a rare, capture it, but you’ll see all of these pets, or at least something like them, over and over again. There’s no point in grinding for a rare or uncommon here.


Like Elwynn, there are some pets here you will see again and again. The snake and shore crab, for example. The prairie dog is cool, but you’ll have another shot at one in the Barrens and other zones. If you don’t have a mechanical squirrel or something like it, you should try and get a Tiny Harvester in uncommon or better. Or maybe not.


Redridge Mountains

The Fledgling Buzzard there is kind of cool looking, but it will take awhile to get a rare. The rest are not really worth farming for either. It’s a good place to level, so go ahead and battle here. Maybe you’ll luck out and get a rare, but don’t worry too much if you don’t.



Some people seem to like the owl here. Nothing else is that interesting.


A nice variety of pets to help you level, but nothing special and it’s hard to get to from alliance side.


Lots of Beetles, Snakes, and Toads. A Lizard that’s cool, but not worth the farming it takes for a rare. You can totally skip this place!


The Gazelle Fawn is very cute but it has the same abilities as a common variety Fawn. So kind of worth the visit if you’re into cute. Otherwise skip it.


Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles

So you can’t fly here and the pets are cool looking variations on pets you can get elsewhere. You be the judge.

Eversong Woods

No flying as well. The Ruby Sapling, is cool, though you can get a pet from Alliance questing with the same abilities if you don’t want to make the trip.


Silverpine Forest

A good place to go for weird pets. But you don’t need to go out of your way for it.



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