Taming Eastern Kingdoms #6: Shiver Me Timbers!

Yarrgh! Here be Pierats!

Yarrgh! Here be Pirates!

So there’s this drunken pirate (like there’s any other kind) hanging out on the beach battling pets. Or maybe he’s just watching the pets battle you themselves. I’m not sure. In any case, he’s pretty cool and he’s not that difficult (just make sure you’re at least level 10).

Meet Bill Buckler — Pirate Tamer Guy!

Meet Bill Buckler: Awesome Pirate Tamer Guy!

The Abilities

Meet Burgle. He's awesome!

Meet Burgle. He’s awesome!

Burgle is a singing, dancing, punching Murlock humanoid. He’s awesome, but he spends so much time dancing or making it rain that he doesn’t really hit you.

Burgle would rather dance than fight!

Burgle would rather dance than fight!

Unless you’re attacking with a dragonkin or a critter he’s a pushover. If you have a pet with undead abilities, now’s their time to shine!

That being said, Burgle does have two abilities that you may not have seen before. Uncanny Luck which buffs the entire team with an 25% extra chance to critical strike. This can sting a bit.

Burgle asks: Do you feel lucky?

Burgle asks: “Do you feel lucky?”

Burgle also has this ability called Cleaning Rain. Since it is a weather effect, it affects both teams. Cleansing Rain reduces damage over time effects and offers a nice damage boost for aquatic pets. Of which Drunk Pirate Guy has zero. Hmm…

Cleansing Rain: It's great for Aquatic pets!

Cleansing Rain: It’s great for Aquatic pets!

Of course, what Pirate would be complete without at least one feathered friend to keep him company. And Pirate Bill has two!

Meet Eyegouger. No he does not want a cracker.

Meet Eyegouger.
And no, he does not want a cracker.

Eyegouger is a Flying pet. He hits extra hard against Aquatic and weak against Dragonkin pets. He has this ability called Cyclone which is very annoying as it lets him attack your back row pets. Try to keep the health of your first pets high enough to survive a few hits from cyclone. If you have tidal wave or a similar ability, it can sweep the cyclone away.

Cyclone is annoying.

Cyclone is the #1 killer of low health pets!

Young Beaky is another Flying pet. He doesn’t have an annoying cyclone. Instead he just flies off the ground occasionally. Keep out of reach of Aquatic pets.

Meet Young Beaky. Annoyance Rating: Moderate -

Meet Young Beaky.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate − .

In summary, as long as you don’t have a team of Aquatic pets, this fight should be easy mode. You’re now halfway through Taming Eastern Kingdoms and you should have the first set of dailies unlocked which will allow you to fight all of these tamers againHurrah!

See ya next time Pirate Bill!

See ya next time Pirate Bill!


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