Taming Northrend #2: Crystalsong Creeper

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the Forlorn Woods...

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the Forlorn Woods…

Hope you had fun going after the Crazy Flying Gnome, because now it’s time to travel the Creepy (oh sorry, Forlorn) Woods. And instead of a nice, eccentric tamer, we get Creepy McCreeperson and His Creepy Band of Creepy Undead Things. And instead of a normal fight, you get The Most Gimmicky Fight Eva!!11!!

Meet The Tamer

Meet Nearly Headless Jacob. Actually no, you don't want to meet this guy!

Meet Nearly Headless Jacob.
Actually no, you really don’t want to meet this guy!

Nearly Headless Jacob, a.k.a. Creepy McCreeperson is apparently wandering the Forlorn Woods looking for travelers to creep on. And likely strangle or otherwise molest using his creepy Undead pets. That’s all you need (or want) to know about this guy.

The Abilities

Meet Spooky Strangler. Yeah, the name kind of says it all. Gimmick Rating: Ultra!

Meet Spooky Strangler.
Yeah, the name kind of says it all. Gimmick Rating: Ultra!

Spooky Strangler or as I prefer to call it, The Hand of Gimmick, has three annoying and very gimmicky abilities.

northrend pet tamer 2 - curse of doom

Curse of Doom does no damage for 4 rounds, then hits you with an extra large can of Undead pain that takes half your health. And there’s almost nothing you can do to stop it.

northrend pet tamer 2 - agony

Agony does a rather large amount of Undead damage over three rounds with the most damage hitting on the last round. Again, for most pets there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Finally, the Hand of Gimmick hits you with Death Grip which hits you with a small amount of damage and then swaps in your lowest health back row pet. Which leaves you with another choice: to leave your debuffed pet in the back row to get hit with a bunch of Undead damage and be useless, or to leave the pet it picks in the front row and hope that it can beat up the stupid hand before it gets debuffed again. Fun times…

Curse of Doom? More like Curse of Gimmick. Blegh!

Curse of Doom? More like Curse of Gimmick. Blegh.

The only good news is that all of the trainers pets are Undead, and so they all have the same vulnerabilities and if you chose wisely it doesn’t matter which pet you lead with. Just use pets that do alot of Critter damage, preferably including an Aquatic pet since that takes less damage from Undead, and you’re good. The obvious choices are Frog pets (like this one), any kind of Critter (especially one with damage reducing abilities) or any pet with Flurry or Swarm (including Infected Fawn or Infected Squirrel). Pick any two or three, mix well, and ROFL-Stomp these guys!

Meet Stitch. Gimmick Rating: High +

Meet Stitch.
Gimmick Rating: High +

Stitch is less gimmicky than the previous pet, but somewhat harder to kill. He usually starts off with Call Darkness which hits for a large amount of Humanoid damage and changes the weather to Darkness for 5 rounds. During Darkness your healing is reduced by 50% and all (non-elemental) pets are Blinded.

Stitch then usually hits you with Weakness which does a small amount of Magic damage and then gives you a debuff that reduces your speed and damage by alot for one round. His last ability is Bone Prison which hits you with a good amount of Undead damage and prevents your pet from fleeing.

Oh, and you have to face this three times. Because the fight doesn't have enough gimmicks...

Also, you get to face this three times. Because the fight doesn’t have enough gimmicks…

Basically, with Stitch, you either want a pet that can change the weather to something friendly, or a pet that does alot of Critter damage and can kill Stitch quickly. Avoid using Humanoids and pets that do Dragonkin damage (which is true for the whole fight, really). Most importantly, make sure you have a strong pet in at the start as you will not likely be able to swap it out once you start attacking him.

Meet Mort. Gimmick Rating: High

Meet Mort.
Gimmick Rating: High

Mort is a Creepy Flying Skull, which I guess makes it the “easiest” of the three. Of course, you have to face it last after the other two wore you down a bit, so that’s not really very helpful. It usually starts off with Siphon Life which ticks for a small amount on most pets and heals Mort for a small amount. Actually, 50% less since the Darkness weather effect is still in effect.

Its next ability is Ghostly Bite which hits for a good amount, has a moderate chance to miss, and then stuns Mort for one round. It’s actually kind of cute watching it knock itself out for one turn. Its last ability is Spectral Strike which hits for a ton and has a high chance to miss, except when your pet is Blinded, then it always hits.

Mort can be very streaky due to the high chance his abilities have to miss. If you have something that can change the weather or is immune to the weather effects, that can help, but mainly just try and burn him down and hope you don’t get an unlucky Spectral Strike.

In summary, this fight is extremely gimmicky, but can be won without too much trouble if you have pets that do alot of critter damage. A frog pet is ideal since it takes less damage from Undead in addition to having strong Critter attacks. A pet that can change the weather will help somewhat, but isn’t required.

Prepare to taste a little Gnome justice you Creepy Bastage!

Prepare to taste a little Gnome justice you Creepy Creeper!

Take Two

If you have two good level 25 Critter damaging pets, you can take this guy while leveling a third pet. If your leveling pet has 1350 or more health, and is not a Humanoid, you can lead with the leveling pet as it probably won’t die. Otherwise, you’ll have to do a large amount of swapping as the Hand of Gimmick will constantly try and pick on your leveling pet and, unless that pet can cleanse, you really don’t want to be hit with Curse of Doom.

The pets I typically use are Small Frog which is tailor made for this fight with its critter attacks, and Infected Fawn with Flurry and Adrenaline Rush selected. I’m sure there are other pets that work just as well, but the Infected Fawn in particular is worth leveling as it does a good job against some of the other Northrend tamers you will face. And, by now, you should have captured at least one good frog out of the millions you’ve needed to dispatch when leveling.

So you won and then he just up and leaves. Sore loser, or is he looking for easier prey?

So you won and then he just up and leaves. Sore loser, or is he looking for easier prey?

Taming Northrend #1: Fjord Fever

Planning Your Itinerary

Whoever said Getting there is half the fun wasn’t talking about the tamers in Northrend. They’re spread out, the boats to Northrend put you on the edges of the continent, and it’s just not that easy to get from place-to-place… unless you’re an Engineer!

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee...

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee…

In all seriousness, if you want hit all of the trainers each day without wasting time, you need an Engineer with a Wormhole Generator, or a toon with an Argent Crusader’s Tabard, or (ideally) a way to teleport into Dalaran (like a Mage, a Hearthstone, or one of those nifty rings they sell). Two of the three options make it really easy.

Of course, you could just park an unused alt or two near the tamers in Northrend. It might be handy anyway if you’re looking to capture one of the rare pets.

Welcome to Northrend

Well, it's not lakefront property, but it does have an ocean view!

Well, it’s not lake-front property, but it does have an ocean view!

So how was your trip? Did you have a nice long flight into the middle of nowhere? The wormhole was just a suggestion really, I didn’t expect it to just dump you on top of a Vrykl infested keep or anything. Glad you made it down okay anyways.

Oh, and I hope you’ve got a small stable of Level 25 pets because Northrend is where Blizzard finally starts to take the training wheels off this pet battle stuff.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the "crazy" in "crazy-ass Gnome!"

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the “crazy” in “crazy-ass Gnome!”

I’ll admit, I’m a Gnome enthusiast. We are the Kings and Queens of “out of the box” thinking.

When we see a box, the first thing we think is: How do we get out of this box?

Followed closely by: Who the heck put us inside this box!

And finally: It’s not funny anymore guys! Let me outta the box!!

That being said, sometimes there’s a Gnome that moves past “unorthodox”. This gnome breezes their way through “maverick.” This Gnome will not stop until they end up somewhere in the middle of “bat-guano crazy!”

Beegle Blastfuse is one of those Gnomes! I mean the guy is sitting there on the edge of this huge ass cliff trying to teach a Chicken, a Turkey, and a Penguin to how fly! And it’s not like he’s using a glider, a parachute, or a rocket pack. He’s just up there flapping his arms.

And he’s even named one of them “Dinner!” What self respecting tamer does this??

At this point, I’m not sure if steamrolling his team is a mercy for them or not. I’d rather go all Harriet Tubman and escort them to freedom!

The Abilities

Meet Dinner. Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Meet Dinner.
Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Dinner is a Chicken. Obviously, he’s not very smart or he would have left this crazy Gnome tamer in the dust. But he does have a few interesting abilities.

He usually starts off with Squawk which reduces your damage by 25% for three turns. He then does Flock, which is where you get attacked by an entire flock of chickens.

Where did this Flock of chickens come from? Oh well, I'm a dragon: RAWR!

Where did this Flock of chickens come from?
Oh wait, I’m a dragon! RAAWR!

It’s just like Swarm except it does Flying damage instead of Critter damage. Then he usually does Lift-Off where he actually does fly for a little bit. The main thing to remember is that this ability can hit for a ton when combined with the debuff from Flock. So don’t be afraid to swap.

If you have a dragonkin or a pet with a blocking ability, Dinner isn’t that dangerous. Just keep away from Aquatic pets. Beast pets may have a hard time as well.

Meet Gobbles. Not really much better name-wise.

Meet Gobbles.
Not really much better as far as names go.

Gobbles is slightly more annoying than Dinner. Mainly because he has a crowd control ability and actually uses it! Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen with most of the Tamers.

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy...

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy…

Food Coma is his crowd control ability. It puts you to sleep for a few turns unless you take damage. Which usually happens on the next turn, so it’s not worth swapping unless your pet has low health anyway.

Gobbles also does Gobble Strike which is another name for Adrenaline Rush and Slicing Wind which is a normal Flying damage attack. Use a Dragonkin or Magic pet if you want to mess him up quickly. You can use an Aquatic or Beast pet, with care. Be prepared to be frustrated a bit with his crowd control as it seems to come off cooldown about the same time as your big hitting abilities.

Meet Warble. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Warble.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Warble keeps this fight from being a total snooze. He’s an Aquatic pet with some frustrating abilities. His first ability is Peck which is just a normal Flying attack.

northrend pet tamer 1 - ice tomb

Ice Tomb is his large damage ability that also stuns you. Try and time any damage avoidance abilities around this if you can.

northrend pet tamer 1 - slippery ice

Slippery Ice just adds to the fun. Mainly because, now your abilities have an extra chance to miss (on top of the higher chance to miss for hard hitting attacks). This often means that, just when you think the little Penguin is dead, he manages to survive another round to beat up on you.

Your best bet is to put a Flying pet on Warble preferably one with Lift-Off, so you can avoid the stun. A Critter with damage avoidance abilities can also work. Any pet with a heal can also let you power through his Ice Tomb though it may not survive depending on its damage type. Avoid using Mechanical or Undead pets with Warbler.

In summary, a Dragonkin or a Magic pet (or better yet, a Magic dealing Dragonkin) can take the first two pets without too much trouble. Which makes this fight easy as your last two can beat up on the Penguin. Beast- or Aquatic-heavy teams may have trouble, but most compositions should be okay.

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Take Two

In case you missed the subtle hints, what you need to make this fight EZ mode is a Level 25 Dragonkin that does Magic damage. Like a Celestial Dragon, or a Nether Faerie Dragon or an Emerald Proto-Whelp.

There are other choices as well. Any of the ones on this page can help. But you should start thinking about how to obtain and level any of those first three, as they will help tremendously in later fights.

Pet Notebook #4: Outland Edition

There are alot of interesting pets in Outland. Some of them are similar to the Azeroth pets but with interesting skins or abilities. There is also a pet vendor in Netherstorm and a couple of reputation pets you can pick up.

Rather than go zone by zone with a shopping list, I’ve picked four that I think are the creme of the crop. But first:

A Note About Breeds

Not all pets are exactly the same. In addition to the Rare/Uncommon designation you already know about, there are also different ways that the stats for the pet are distributed.

Some pet breeds are balanced equally between Health, Power, and Speed. These pets don’t have any huge weaknesses, but depending on the pet, they may be less effective than a breed that puts most of its stats in speed or power.

This isn’t as important early on, when you’re just hoping to get a rare or uncommon version to show up. Once you have access to Upgrade Stones, you will likely want to try and pick the best breed you can get and then upgrade it to a Rare.

Pets to Plunder


Cogblade Raptor is a cool little mechanical pet located near Toshley’s Station in Blade’s Edge. It does good damage on its own, but also has a debuff that works well with swarming or damage over time pet attacks. If you can find it, go for one of the speed breeds, but it may take some farming for a rare due to the weird spawn rate.


Clefthoof Runt can be found in Nagrand running with the larger Clefthoof herds. It’s a tough pet to kill with a good ability set. If you catch it at the right time, you can farm it for a rare without too much trouble. It comes in either a hit point or balance breed.


Fel Flame, located in Shadowmoon Valley is a must have. It does a lot of damage and makes several of the tamers you face later much easier.

It has very sporadic spawning. If you lose patience and settle for Uncommon over a Rare, that’s no big deal. It comes in pure HP breeds and HP/Speed or HP/Power breeds. You want one of the later two, with power being somewhat better.


Flayer Youngling spawns in the hills on the border of Terrokar Forest and Hellfire. It’s another must have simply because humanoids are hard to come by and this one does well against both Critters and Dragonkin.

It may take some luck to get one of these in a Rare since they have a small spawning area. They come in 10 different breeds. Ideally you want a Speed or Power breed over a balance or hit point, but it’s probably better to take the best you can find now and then maybe come back later with an upgrade stone.

Taming Outland #5: Shadowmoon Showdown

Only one tamer left! Hope you're ready...

Only one tamer left! Hope you’re ready…

You’ve taken care of all of the other tamers. You’ve started to build a small army of pets. Now it’s time to finish Taming Outland.

In all honesty, this last guy is kind of a pain. Unless you’ve got a very good matchup, you’ll need to have all Level 24 or 25 pets. Be prepared for a little frustration the first few times you fight him.

Meet the Tamer

"Masters of the Universe". Heh, good one!

“Masters of the Universe”. Heh, good one!

Bloodknight Antari doesn’t suffer from a confidence problem, that’s for sure. He constantly reminds you that: Blood Elves are the best eva!

Also that You don’t stand a chance! and I’ll crush you!

Let’s see if we can take him down a few pegs, shall we?

The Abilities

Meet Arcanus. He's like, totally magical.

Meet Arcanus.
He’s like totally magical.

Arcanus is a giant Magic worm. All of his damage abilities are Magic attacks. Feedback is his normal magic attack. He also has Drain Power which does a small amount of Magic damage, decreases the amount of damage your pet deals, and increases his damage by 25%. The good news is that the debuff portion has a decent chance to miss, but he always gets the buff portion.

Amplify Magic his very hard.

Amplify Magic hits very hard.

His last ability, Amplify Magic stacks on top of his already strong 25% buff and he will hit very hard (an extra 75%) when it is up. Save your damage avoidance abilities until then. Also, the Amplify Magic buff is for the active pet, so stunning him or using other crowd control won’t help as much because the next pet will still get the buff for one turn.

Keep Arcanus out of reach of Flying pets. Aquatic damage pets are also not a good idea. Ideally, you’d want to send in a Dragonkin pet, but what usually happens is if you lead with a Dragonkin, Antari will switch up and his first pet will be the Elemental. He also often switches to the Elemental if you lead with a Mechanical pet.

Your best bet is to just use a pet with alot of burst damage. It takes several turns for Arcanus to get warmed up and both of his damage boost abilities have decent cooldowns, so if you burn him down quickly, he’ll be nearly dead before he hurts you too much.

Meet Jadefire. This guy hits like a truck.

Meet Jadefire.
This guy hits like a truck.

Jadefire is a very strong damage dealing Elemental. He has Immolate, which does a modest amount of Elemental damage per turn, but also puts the Burning debuff on you. Conflagrate does a large amount of Elemental damage and does 50% more if you are Burning. It has a fairly long cooldown however. Burn is his normal Elemental attack but it still does a pretty fair amount of damage.

Obviously, keep Jadefire away from any Mechanical pets. The key to beating him is to burn him down as quickly as you can. You can try to avoid his first Conflagrate attack, but other than that you just need to kill him. Avoid using pets that have a long ramp up time or are “Tanky” as it just means it will take you a few extra turns before he kills you.

A Critter or Aquatic pet is good against him, but a Beast, Dragonkin, or even another Fel Flame can do just as well if it has enough burst damage. Don’t be surprised if he manages to kill one of your pets, but don’t let him damage the next one too much.

Meet Netherbite. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Netherbite.
Annoyance Rating: High

Netherbite is weaker than the previous pet, but her abilities make her harder to kill. Nether Blast is her only attack. It does magic damage, which means it is safe to use a Magic pet if you have one but Flying pets are a very bad idea. The damage from Nether Blast increases the more times she uses it on your pet, so there is a bit of a time limit with her.

She also does Soul Ward, which allows her to block all of the damage for a single attack, and Phase Shift which gives her 100% chance to dodge for one complete turn. She usually does these abilities one right after the other and they don’t have very long cooldowns so it is important to time any hard hitting abilities around them.

The secret to defeating Netherbite is not strength, but speed. If your pet is faster than her, you will reduce the effectiveness of Phase Shift so a pet with a speed increasing ability, like Adrenaline Rush works fairly well. Also, if you use abilities like Flurry which do several small attacks, it will make Soul Ward much less useful. Humanoid attacks are good, but pet speed is more important to defeating her than type of pet damage.

In summary, this fight can be frustrating when you’re first learning it, but it’s not meant to be easy. You need to have pets that match up well and use their abilities in the correct order, and you may not have all of the “right” pets yet. However, perseverance and patience pays off with this Tamer.

Congratulations! You've just Tamed Outland!

Congratulations! You’ve just Tamed Outland!

In addition to giving you a daily quest that awards gold, or a Sack of Pet Supplies, these tamers also give your pets lots of experience. What you’ve hopefully realized by now is that pairing the pet(s) you’re leveling with one or two Level 25 pets funnels all of the XP from a fight into your leveling pet(s). This makes leveling pets much faster!

With that in mind, I’m going to start including tips on how to beat these tamers using only two Level 25 pets. The answer in nearly every case is about matchups!

Take Two

The good news is none of these pets have abilities that attack your back line pets. So you can put even a very low level pet into the fight as long as it can survive the first hit. Ideally, you want that first pet to be facing Arcanus so, unless you’re leveling a Dragonkin, you should start out with your leveling pet and then swap. Your other two (Level 25) pets should ideally be a Mechanical and a pet that deals Aquatic damage.

The Mechanical takes much less damage from Magic abilities, so it should take down Arcanus pretty quickly and still have enough hit points to finish off Netherbite at the end. A Clockwork Gnome using Blitz and Launch Rocket will just tear into the Dragonkin. Any other fast Mechanical, like a Mechanical Squirrel, De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, or a Cogblade Raptor should also do well.

You can pick from any of the Aquatic damage dealers you have available including my personal favorite: Water Waveling. As long as it’s quick and/or bursty, it should work great. You can get by with a non-Aquatic burst damage pet, but it will make it harder on your Mechanical since Netherbite may have more hit points than you’d like.

In any case, if you have the right two pets, this fight isn’t too bad and it’s worth doing the daily for the chance at an upgrade stone in addition to the XP.

Taming Outland #4: Crocolisk Hunter

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding this guy.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding this guy.

We’re on the home stretch. Instead of Elementals, like the first Outland tamer, Blizzard has decided to make sure you’ve captured or leveled a Flying pet. So unless you have a rock solid strategy and Mad Skillz®, I recommend you acquire a Flying pet that’s at least Level 22 before taking on these Crocs.

I was going for a quick win. So in addition to the Level 20 Toxic Wasteling and Level 20 Westfall Chicken I’ve had from the start, I added a Level 22 Chicken.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Morulu the Elder. His Zen-like demeanor contrasts sharply with that of his pets. Who want to gnaw on anything that moves.

Meet Morulu the Elder.
His Zen-like demeanor allows him to completely ignore his pets,
who are hungry and like to gnaw on anything that moves.

Morulu the Elder is extremely mellow. He just hangs out in the Lower City dispensing sage wisdom while his Crocodile pets attack chickens, sheep, and other local fauna. Maybe he achieved enlightenment while doing the fishing daily the hundreds of times it took to get all three Crocolisk pets back in BC.

The Abilities

Meet Chomps. He's hungry.

Meet Chomps. He’s hungry and wants to meet your pets.

Chomps is the first of the three crocolisks. The weird thing about these guys is that, while they are Aquatic pets, much of their damage is actually Beast damage. Obviously, the key to this guy, and all of them really is to use a flying pet. You’ll do more damage to them and take much less damage from most of their attacks.

The first move this guy does is usually Rip which does Beast damage over time and puts a Bleed debuff on your pet. His next move is called Surge and is a relatively weak Aquatic attack that always goes first. Finally he has a Beast attack called Devour which does two normal Beast attacks that heals him if he manages to kill your pet with the attack.

Avoid using Critter pets with this guy and use Elementals carefully. Also, it’s a good idea to swap your pet when it gets relatively low health so he doesn’t heal himself with Devour.

Meet Gnasher. He's hungry too.

Meet Gnasher. He’s hungry too.

Gnasher is similar to the previous pet. He also has Rip and Devour. However, his third ability is much more dangerous. Blood in the Water is a larger Aquatic attack that does 50% more damage if your pet is Bleeding. Fortunately, it has a cooldown of several turns.

You really want to keep Critters and Elementals away from this guy and be ready to swap your pet out early if you want it to live.

Meet Cragmaw. He's less hungry than the other two, but more grumpy.

Meet Cragmaw.
He’s less hungry than the other two, but more Grumpy.

Cragmaw is a bit different from the other two crocs. He still has Blood in the Water but he doesn’t have a bleed attack of his own. Instead he has Consume which is an Undead attack that heals him and is available every few turns. He also has Water Jet which is a normal Aquatic attack.

He’ll still take extra damage from Flying pets, and a Magic pet works well, but any non-Elemental pet that is free of bleed debuffs will work. An elemental will probably take too much damage. Basically, DPS him as much as you can and time damage reducing abilities around Consume and you should be set.

In summary, this guy can be tough if you don’t have a Flying pet. All of his pets do large amounts of damage, their abilities work together pretty well, and they all have some self healing. Critter or Elemental heavy groups can be very tough and you’re pretty close to the cap so it’s harder to just out-level him to win. Fortunately, a strong Flying pet can almost take on all three by itself.

You Have Achieved Enlightenment!

You Have Achieved Enlightenment!

Taming Outland #3: Next Stop Nagrand!

Welcome to Nagrand. Pay no attention to those floating bits of landscape. It's fine here, really. Everything's fine...

Welcome to Nagrand. Pay no attention to those floating bits of landscape. It’s fine here, really. Everything’s fine…

So yeah. That visit to the mushroom people was nice. Ras’an didn’t seem to take that whole “killing his third cousin, twice removed” thing too personally. Now it’s time to meet Narrok, The Friendly Orc. Hopefully your pets have another level under their belts. Because he may be friendly, but he still doesn’t want to lose.

Meet the Tamer

So have you told DEHTA about this whole "fight to the death thing?" And they're totally okay with it??

So have you told DEHTA about this whole “fight to the death thing?” And they’re totally okay with it??

I’m not really sure about this guy. Narrok natters on and on about how he’s trying to help his new little friends, and how they’ve “suffered enough,” or something. But then again, he’s out there putting them in the middle of a fight to the death. Not exactly DEHTA friendly, if you know what I mean!

The Abilities

Meet Prince Wart. They say you gotta kiss alot of frogs, before you something your something-or-other. I forget really, but it involves frogs, and kissing. Lots of kissing.

Meet Prince Wart.
They say you gotta kiss alot of frogs, before you something your something-or-other.
I forget really, but it involves frogs, and kissing. Lots of kissing.

Prince Wart is your typical frog. Which mean’s he’s an Aquatic pet that kisses you alot until you turn into a frog. Or beat the stuffing out of him and he dies. If you have a Flying pet, they’ll make quick work of him. A Magic pet is also good. Avoid using Undead as his Tongue Lash and Swarm of Flies are both bad for them. Use Elemental pets with care.

Meet Dramaticus. He's a total drama queen. He's also furry.

Meet Dramaticus.
He’s a total drama queen.
He’s also furry.

Dramaticus is the easiest of the three. He does a fair bit of damage, but doesn’t have any damage avoidance abilities like Burrow. He does do Crouch which reduces his damage taken by 50%. Which just means he lives 1–2 more turns before your Beast pet can eat him. Keep out of reach of Undead pets.

Meet Stompy. He's a Beast!

Meet Stompy.
He’s a Beast!

Stompy is the guy that keeps this fight from being completely EZ Mode. He hits like a truck. Especially when he’s below 50% as he has the normal Beast buff, and Trumpet Strike which boosts his damage by an additional 25%. Keep him out of reach from any Critter pets, obviously.

If you can, you should try and back-load your abilities so that you burn through that last 50% of his health ASAP. Any damage reducing abilities you can use are also good. If you have a Mechanical or Flying pet, this is the pet to put them on.

In Summary, the fight is pretty straightforward. Either you have enough health and damage to get through his last pet, or you probably need to level a bit more or try a different composition. Or it could be just bad RNG.

He's not dead, he's just resting! Okay, fine I'll loan you a Pet Bandage...

He’s not dead, he’s just resting!
Okay, fine I’ll loan you a Pet Bandage…

Taming Outland #2: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Here be Mushrooms!

Here be Mushrooms!

You’ve dispatched the (adorable) robot collecting tamer. Now you get to visit the giant mushroom marsh. And what giant mushroom marsh would be complete with out life-size mushroom people?

I must admit from the first quest, where I had to rescue some of their baby sporelings from being eaten by giant bog monsters, I’ve kind of loved these little guys. Believe me, you don’t go through The Underbog a million times just for a stupid Shrouding Potion Recipe.

So I was pretty happy when I found out you can pick up a Mushroom friend of your very own. Unfortunately, Sporeling Sprout is not really a great pet. But I guess if they were super awesome, they could have kicked the crap out of those Bog Giants by themselves.

Me and My Mushroom Buddy. Note the Insanely Cool Shroom tabard!

Me and My Mushroom Buddy.
Note my Insanely Cool ’Shroom Tabard!

Meet the Tamer

Meet Intrepid Explorer Ras'an! he's about to depart on the first leg of his world-wide tour... to nowhere!

Meet Intrepid Explorer Ras’an
He’s about to depart on the first leg
of his world-wide tour… to Nowhere!

Ras’an wants to travel the world and take his pets with him. I can totally relate. Unlike the last tamer, you don’t need any special type of pet to fight him. Just bring whatever you want to level though you should have at least one pet around 21 or you might miss too often. I brought in a Level 22 Aquatic and two Level 19 pets and I did fine.

The Abilities

Meet Glitterfly. Annoyance Rating: Low.

Meet Glitterfly.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Glitterfly is a Flying insect with some abilities you’ll likely see again. She likes to use a Glowing Toxin that damages you for 6% of your health per turn. It stings a bit.

Then she likes to break out Swarm which is where you get attacked by a bunch of little tiny insects that do critter damage and give you the Shattered Defenses debuff for two turns. This makes her toxin sting for quite a bit more. She also does Cocoon Strike. Try and time any high damage abilities around that.

Glitterfly isn’t really that bad. Avoid using a Beast or an Undead pet and make sure to swap out with enough health that her toxin doesn’t kill your pet and you should be okay. If you have a magic pet or a pet with a blocking ability, she’s easy mode.

Meet Tripod. He'll hurt you with his magic lasers and stuff.

Meet Tripod.
He’ll hurt you with his magic lasers and shizz.

Tripod is the anchor of the team. He does a pretty good amount of magic damage. Obviously keep Flying pets away from him.

Arcane Winds? You'd think the weather forecaster would've mentioned that.

Arcane Winds? You’d think the weatherman would have included that in the forecast!

He usually starts off with Arcane Storm, which does a small amount of magic damage to all of your pets and changes the weather to Arcane Winds. This weather effect is mostly harmless. It makes pets immune to stun and gives a small damage boost to a few magic abilities. He also has a normal magic attack called Psychic Blast.

The ability you really have to worry about is Surge of Power. This hits for a ton, but then Tripod has to rest and can’t attack for 3 turns. If your pet still has the Shattered Defenses debuff from the previous pet, switch to another pet immediately as this ability will one-shot it.

Shhh... Tripod is Resting!

Shhh… Tripod is Resting!

It’s hard to predict exactly when Tripod will use this, so you can try and use damage avoiding abilities, but they may not always help. One strategy you can try is to keep a magic pet on him until he uses Surge of Power, then switch to a high damage pet (ideally a Dragonkin) and burn him down while he is recovering.

Meet Fungor. He's a giant mushroom person!

Meet Fungor.
He’s a giant mushroom person!

Fungor is a Humanoid. I don’t think you’ve actually fought one of those since the Drunk Pirate Guy in Stranglethorn. He has several damage over time abilities so he doesn’t hit much at the start, but once they’re all going he can hurt a bit.

outland pet tamer 2 - creeping fungus

The first damage over time he throws at you is his Creeping Fungus. This is just a tiny mushroom that hits you with a bit of Undead damage every turn. It’s not all that bad by itself.

outland pet tamer 2 - spore shrooms

outland pet tamer 2 - spore burst

The next damage over time is Spore Shrooms. This ability plants a mushroom on the ground that blooms after a few turns and hits your front pet with elemental damage. The mushroom can be swept away before it blooms by abilities like Tidal Wave. It does quite a bit more damage than his first ability but it takes much longer to kick in.

Fungor also has a humanoid attack called Charge which always hits first. He doesn’t use that until both of his other abilities are in place and it doesn’t hit for much. If you have a pet that does Undead damage, he’s easy mode. Avoid using Critter attacks and be careful when using Dragonkin pets.

In summary, if you can take Tripod down and have a pet remaining with a fair amount of health, you’ve got the fight beat. You just need to handle the large amount of damage he does. Most group compositions should be okay.

It's okay Ras'an. I'm sure you'll get to travel some day!

It’s okay Ras’an. I’m sure you’ll get to travel one day!