Taming Eastern Kingdoms #7: Weird Science

Map of Hinterlands trainer

What reputable scientist keeps a lab in the middle of nowhere?
Oh wait, nevermind…

Welcome to The Royal Apothecary Society’s Creepy Lab #5,276!

We recommend all pets be Level 12 or higher before visiting.

Here in our creepy lab, we experiment relentlessly on rabbits, bunnies, and other small mammals in order to create the perfect killer rabbit army! After that we will surely rule the world. It’s all right here in our Evil Plan of Evil™.

Mad Scientists’ Evil Plan of Evil™

  1. Build Creepy Lab in Middle of Nowhere.
  2. Create Army of Killer Rabbits.
  3. ???
  4. Rule the World!

Meet David Kosse. The (undead) Man with the Plan!

Meet David Kosse. The (Undead) Man with a Plan!

The Abilities

Meet Subject 142. He didn't even bother to name you?

Meet Subject 142.
Dude. He didn’t even bother to name you?

Subject 142 is a bunny. You’ve probably fought many of them before this. The hardest part is hitting the guy as he has both Dodge and Burrow. If you have a beast pet, put it on this guy.

Meet Corpsefeeder. He probably ate Subjects 1-141.

Meet Corpsefeeder.
He probably ate Subjects 1–141.

Corpsefeeder is a beast, but he doesn’t really have many beast attacks. Instead he has a critter attack called Acidic Goo that causes you to take 25% extra damage an an undead attack called Consume that will heal him whatever damage he deals. Keep humanoids away from him and attack with mechanicals if you have them.

He also has Sticky Goo which is very annoying as it roots your pet for 5 turns. This means your pet will probably be killed before it can escape. If you need your pet to survive, use a stun and kill this guy last.

Meet Plop. He's an icky ooze.

Meet Plop. He’s an icky ooze.

Plop is an icky magical ooze. I don’t want to know where or how Creepy Gas Mask guy got ahold of him. Though if I were to guess, I’d say it was in Skulk Rock. That seems to be where they live.

Anyways, Plop has an undead ability (Ooze Touch) and two annoying dots. If you have a dragonkin, you can use it here. Plop stings a bit, but is not too difficult if you try and kill him quickly. He does alot of damage when all of his dots are up.

In summary, this fight isn’t that annoying as long as you match your pets up correctly. Don’t expect all of your pets to live (thanks to Sticky Goo), but on the bright side, there’s a stable master nearby.


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