Taming Eastern Kingdoms #9: Here Be Dragons!

Searing Gorge tamer location

It’s Dragon Hunting Time!

Apparently, there’s some kind of dwarven sibling rivalry between this guy and the Burning Steppes tamer. Not to take sides, but the dragon tamer guy definitely has the cooler pets.

You should be able to take fight him when your pets are level 14. If you have a humanoid, you can take him at 13. Humanoids will tear these pets up!

Meet Kortas Darkhammer. He loves dragons!

Meet Kortas Darkhammer. He loves dragons!

The Abilities

Meet Garnestrasz. He's red, like a garnet.

Meet Garnestrasz.
He’s red like a garnet.

Garnestrasz is a red dragon with an annoying name. Let’s just call him Big G. Big G does the most damage of the three so keep Magic pets away from him. Any pet with humanoid abilities will tear him up. Otherwise put an Undead or another high damage pet on him.

Meet Veridia. She's viridian, which is a shade of green.

Meet Veridia.
She’s viridian, which is a shade of green.

Veridia is a green dragon with lots of tank abilities. She has Emerald Presence which is a shield ability and Emerald Dream which is a super big heal over three turns. She doesn’t have any Dragonkin attacks as Emerald Bite is actually Magic, so it’s safe to put a magic pet on her.

The plan with her is to ramp up your dots and debuffs before she does a big heal, but save any large damage abilities until after she wakes up from her Emerald Dream. Then hit her as hard as you can as the heal has a relatively long cooldown.

Meet Obsidion. He's supposed to be obsidian colored, but he's really brownish-black.

Meet Obsidion.
He’s supposed to be obsidian-colored, but he’s really more of a dark brown.

Obsidion is a dark dragon with a weird set of abilities. He has Call Darkness which hits you with Humanoid damage, and changes the weather to Darkness. It’s annoying, especially if you have a Dragonkin you’re attacking him with.

He also has Darkflame which hits your pet with elemental damage and cuts any heal abilities in half for 2 turns. Fortunately, it has a 3 turn cooldown. Finally, he has the usual Dragonkin attack: Shadowflame. He’s not really that hard and if you have pet with full health you can just burn him down, but keep Dragonkin and Magic pets away from him.

In summary, if you have a humanoid, or a pet that does humanoid damage, this is easy mode. If you have a Magic or Flying heavy team, this can be tough. Most compositions shouldn’t have too much trouble.

It's okay. They're only a few thousand gold on the Auction House!

It’s okay. They’re only a few thousand gold on the Auction House.
I’m sure you can get another!

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