Pet Notebook #3: Levels 15-18

You’ve tamed the Eastern Kingdoms. Your pets should be Level 19 or 20. Hopefully, they have a few friends. But before heading to Outland, let’s take a look at the remaining zones.

The Cool Zones

Un’Goro Crater

pet notebook - diemetradon hatchling

Several cool pets here though Diemetradon Hatchling is the only really unique one.


pet notebook - anodized robo cubpet notebook - rabid nut varmintpet notebook - robo-chick

Lots of unique Mechanical pets and some interesting Critters. Worth the trip though some of the Mechanicals may be tough to find in Rare or Uncommon.

Searing Gorge

pet notebook - fire beetle

pet notebook - lava crab

pet notebook - molten hatchling

Fire Beetle, Lava Crab, and Molten Hatchling are interesting options, though not “must have.”

Swamp of Sorrows

pet notebook - huge toad

pet notebook - strand crab

pet notebook - parrot

If you’re looking for a rare Aquatic, Flying, or Snake pet, this is a good place to farm for one.

Deadwind Pass

pet notebook - arcane eye

Restless Shadeling

Restless Shadeling

Arcane Eye and Restless Shadeling are both very cool and worth farming for. It takes a bit of work to get a rare in either, though even uncommon is good.

The Meh Zones


Minfernal More like Myth-fernal amirite?

More like Myth–fernal amirite?

This zone has Minfernal, theoretically. But most of the time what it has are a bunch of tainted rats and moths and other useless stuff. Totally skippable.


A couple of moths that aren’t really different from ones you can get elsewhere. Skippable.


Snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. Can totally skip it.


More spiders, snakes, lizards, etc. Also skippable.

Burning Steppes

Basically, this has the same pets as Searing Gorge only slightly more difficult to farm in.

Blasted Lands

Same as Burning Steppes only with less selection.


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