Taming Outland #1: Do the Robot!

Welcome to Outland! Are you prepared??

Welcome to Outland! Are you prepared??

Outland’s first tamer is really easy if you have a good Elemental pet. Otherwise, she’s kind of a pain. Many of the tamers are like this, and it’s by design. Blizzard wants you to make sure and fill out your roster of pets before you can move on to the level 25 tamers (who also give tons of XP).

The only issue is that leveling a pet from scratch can be time consuming, and this is doubly true for Elementals who are weak against Critter pets and vulnerable to damage from Aquatic pets, of which there are tons.

But why level a pet from scratch when you can just capture one? You can go back to Searing Gorge and get a Lava Crab but your best bet is to go directly to Shadowmoon Valley and try and capture an Uncommon or Rare Fel Flame. This may take some time, and maybe a little leveling, but it’s a very useful pet when you’re starting to build your team.

Meet Nicki Tinytech. She hearts robots.

Meet Nicki Tinytech. I just love a gnome with her own robot collection!

Meet The Tamer

So yeah in case you were wondering, Nicki hearts (♥) robots. Which makes her the most awesome tamer so far! If you have an elemental, you can probably take her at level 19. Otherwise, it depends on your group. If it’s Beast or Magic pet heavy, you may as well forget it until much higher as these guys will annoy you to death.

Rather than waste alot of time, I decided to just bring in an extra level 20 Water Waveling I had captured. That pet is teh awesomesauce! I also took on the last 2 or 3 Eastern Kingdoms trainer dailies and got the rest of the team up to level 19 before I started.

Okay, but after that you wanna check out some of my inventions? Yes? No? Maybe??

Okay, but after that you wanna hang out?
I have a number of inventions I’d like to show you, back at my place.

The Abilities

Meet ED-005. He's sticky, he smokes, and that's the least of your worries.

Meet ED-005. It smokes,
it leaves a sticky mess, and that’s the least of your worries.

ED-005 is the first of her tiny pet destroying robots. Its normal attack is Batter. Batter is similar to Flurry in that it hits an extra time if ED-005 attacks first. It also attacks you with Toxic Smoke which does a little damage over time on your front pet.

Its most annoying attack, however, is Sticky Grenade which pretty much does as advertised. The grenade sticks to your pet even if you switch it and will go off after 3 turns. It has a chance to miss, but if you want your pet to live, make sure and leave a fair amount of health if you have this debuff on you.

Goliath online.

Goliath is online.

Goliath is probably the most annoying of the three. His normal attack, Missile isn’t terribly dangerous. He also has this ability called Minefield which, again, does as advertised and leaves a minefield that explodes and damages the incoming pet. It hits for a fairly large amount on most pets (and extra on Beast pets) and lasts for 10 turns. It can miss and it can also be swept off the field with Tidal Wave or a similar ability.

Goliath also has an ability called Launch which is just like Lift Off except he does Mechanical damage when he lands. Basically, try and keep Beast pets away from him and use your damage avoiding abilities when he does Launch.

Meet Sploder. He's got a secret death wish (okay, maybe not so secret).

Meet Sploder. He’s got a secret death wish. Okay, I lied. It’s not secret at all!

Sploder is a giant walking bomb. It’s also the easiest of the three. It does the same Toxic Smoke damage over time as the first pet. It also does Screeching Gears which has less damage than the other normal attacks but has a 25% chance to stun.

Finally, if you manage to get him to around 30-35%, Sploder explodes and damages your pet for a large amount. Swapping a magic pet in when Sploder has low health, or a pet with a failsafe (like a Mechanical or Undead) can help.

Being Magical apparently helps you survive large explosions. Cool.

Being Magical apparently helps you survive large explosions. Cool.

In summary, your best bet is to find an Elemental pet and attack with it. Otherwise, these pets can be kind of annoying until you have a few levels on them. You can win with most compositions at around 20-21, but it’s often more frustrating than it is worth.

Maybe we can still be friends. Call me?

Maybe we can still be friends? Call me!

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