Taming Outland #2: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Here be Mushrooms!

Here be Mushrooms!

You’ve dispatched the (adorable) robot collecting tamer. Now you get to visit the giant mushroom marsh. And what giant mushroom marsh would be complete with out life-size mushroom people?

I must admit from the first quest, where I had to rescue some of their baby sporelings from being eaten by giant bog monsters, I’ve kind of loved these little guys. Believe me, you don’t go through The Underbog a million times just for a stupid Shrouding Potion Recipe.

So I was pretty happy when I found out you can pick up a Mushroom friend of your very own. Unfortunately, Sporeling Sprout is not really a great pet. But I guess if they were super awesome, they could have kicked the crap out of those Bog Giants by themselves.

Me and My Mushroom Buddy. Note the Insanely Cool Shroom tabard!

Me and My Mushroom Buddy.
Note my Insanely Cool ’Shroom Tabard!

Meet the Tamer

Meet Intrepid Explorer Ras'an! he's about to depart on the first leg of his world-wide tour... to nowhere!

Meet Intrepid Explorer Ras’an
He’s about to depart on the first leg
of his world-wide tour… to Nowhere!

Ras’an wants to travel the world and take his pets with him. I can totally relate. Unlike the last tamer, you don’t need any special type of pet to fight him. Just bring whatever you want to level though you should have at least one pet around 21 or you might miss too often. I brought in a Level 22 Aquatic and two Level 19 pets and I did fine.

The Abilities

Meet Glitterfly. Annoyance Rating: Low.

Meet Glitterfly.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Glitterfly is a Flying insect with some abilities you’ll likely see again. She likes to use a Glowing Toxin that damages you for 6% of your health per turn. It stings a bit.

Then she likes to break out Swarm which is where you get attacked by a bunch of little tiny insects that do critter damage and give you the Shattered Defenses debuff for two turns. This makes her toxin sting for quite a bit more. She also does Cocoon Strike. Try and time any high damage abilities around that.

Glitterfly isn’t really that bad. Avoid using a Beast or an Undead pet and make sure to swap out with enough health that her toxin doesn’t kill your pet and you should be okay. If you have a magic pet or a pet with a blocking ability, she’s easy mode.

Meet Tripod. He'll hurt you with his magic lasers and stuff.

Meet Tripod.
He’ll hurt you with his magic lasers and shizz.

Tripod is the anchor of the team. He does a pretty good amount of magic damage. Obviously keep Flying pets away from him.

Arcane Winds? You'd think the weather forecaster would've mentioned that.

Arcane Winds? You’d think the weatherman would have included that in the forecast!

He usually starts off with Arcane Storm, which does a small amount of magic damage to all of your pets and changes the weather to Arcane Winds. This weather effect is mostly harmless. It makes pets immune to stun and gives a small damage boost to a few magic abilities. He also has a normal magic attack called Psychic Blast.

The ability you really have to worry about is Surge of Power. This hits for a ton, but then Tripod has to rest and can’t attack for 3 turns. If your pet still has the Shattered Defenses debuff from the previous pet, switch to another pet immediately as this ability will one-shot it.

Shhh... Tripod is Resting!

Shhh… Tripod is Resting!

It’s hard to predict exactly when Tripod will use this, so you can try and use damage avoiding abilities, but they may not always help. One strategy you can try is to keep a magic pet on him until he uses Surge of Power, then switch to a high damage pet (ideally a Dragonkin) and burn him down while he is recovering.

Meet Fungor. He's a giant mushroom person!

Meet Fungor.
He’s a giant mushroom person!

Fungor is a Humanoid. I don’t think you’ve actually fought one of those since the Drunk Pirate Guy in Stranglethorn. He has several damage over time abilities so he doesn’t hit much at the start, but once they’re all going he can hurt a bit.

outland pet tamer 2 - creeping fungus

The first damage over time he throws at you is his Creeping Fungus. This is just a tiny mushroom that hits you with a bit of Undead damage every turn. It’s not all that bad by itself.

outland pet tamer 2 - spore shrooms

outland pet tamer 2 - spore burst

The next damage over time is Spore Shrooms. This ability plants a mushroom on the ground that blooms after a few turns and hits your front pet with elemental damage. The mushroom can be swept away before it blooms by abilities like Tidal Wave. It does quite a bit more damage than his first ability but it takes much longer to kick in.

Fungor also has a humanoid attack called Charge which always hits first. He doesn’t use that until both of his other abilities are in place and it doesn’t hit for much. If you have a pet that does Undead damage, he’s easy mode. Avoid using Critter attacks and be careful when using Dragonkin pets.

In summary, if you can take Tripod down and have a pet remaining with a fair amount of health, you’ve got the fight beat. You just need to handle the large amount of damage he does. Most group compositions should be okay.

It's okay Ras'an. I'm sure you'll get to travel some day!

It’s okay Ras’an. I’m sure you’ll get to travel one day!

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