Taming Outland #4: Crocolisk Hunter

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding this guy.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding this guy.

We’re on the home stretch. Instead of Elementals, like the first Outland tamer, Blizzard has decided to make sure you’ve captured or leveled a Flying pet. So unless you have a rock solid strategy and Mad Skillz®, I recommend you acquire a Flying pet that’s at least Level 22 before taking on these Crocs.

I was going for a quick win. So in addition to the Level 20 Toxic Wasteling and Level 20 Westfall Chicken I’ve had from the start, I added a Level 22 Chicken.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Morulu the Elder. His Zen-like demeanor contrasts sharply with that of his pets. Who want to gnaw on anything that moves.

Meet Morulu the Elder.
His Zen-like demeanor allows him to completely ignore his pets,
who are hungry and like to gnaw on anything that moves.

Morulu the Elder is extremely mellow. He just hangs out in the Lower City dispensing sage wisdom while his Crocodile pets attack chickens, sheep, and other local fauna. Maybe he achieved enlightenment while doing the fishing daily the hundreds of times it took to get all three Crocolisk pets back in BC.

The Abilities

Meet Chomps. He's hungry.

Meet Chomps. He’s hungry and wants to meet your pets.

Chomps is the first of the three crocolisks. The weird thing about these guys is that, while they are Aquatic pets, much of their damage is actually Beast damage. Obviously, the key to this guy, and all of them really is to use a flying pet. You’ll do more damage to them and take much less damage from most of their attacks.

The first move this guy does is usually Rip which does Beast damage over time and puts a Bleed debuff on your pet. His next move is called Surge and is a relatively weak Aquatic attack that always goes first. Finally he has a Beast attack called Devour which does two normal Beast attacks that heals him if he manages to kill your pet with the attack.

Avoid using Critter pets with this guy and use Elementals carefully. Also, it’s a good idea to swap your pet when it gets relatively low health so he doesn’t heal himself with Devour.

Meet Gnasher. He's hungry too.

Meet Gnasher. He’s hungry too.

Gnasher is similar to the previous pet. He also has Rip and Devour. However, his third ability is much more dangerous. Blood in the Water is a larger Aquatic attack that does 50% more damage if your pet is Bleeding. Fortunately, it has a cooldown of several turns.

You really want to keep Critters and Elementals away from this guy and be ready to swap your pet out early if you want it to live.

Meet Cragmaw. He's less hungry than the other two, but more grumpy.

Meet Cragmaw.
He’s less hungry than the other two, but more Grumpy.

Cragmaw is a bit different from the other two crocs. He still has Blood in the Water but he doesn’t have a bleed attack of his own. Instead he has Consume which is an Undead attack that heals him and is available every few turns. He also has Water Jet which is a normal Aquatic attack.

He’ll still take extra damage from Flying pets, and a Magic pet works well, but any non-Elemental pet that is free of bleed debuffs will work. An elemental will probably take too much damage. Basically, DPS him as much as you can and time damage reducing abilities around Consume and you should be set.

In summary, this guy can be tough if you don’t have a Flying pet. All of his pets do large amounts of damage, their abilities work together pretty well, and they all have some self healing. Critter or Elemental heavy groups can be very tough and you’re pretty close to the cap so it’s harder to just out-level him to win. Fortunately, a strong Flying pet can almost take on all three by itself.

You Have Achieved Enlightenment!

You Have Achieved Enlightenment!


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