Taming Outland #5: Shadowmoon Showdown

Only one tamer left! Hope you're ready...

Only one tamer left! Hope you’re ready…

You’ve taken care of all of the other tamers. You’ve started to build a small army of pets. Now it’s time to finish Taming Outland.

In all honesty, this last guy is kind of a pain. Unless you’ve got a very good matchup, you’ll need to have all Level 24 or 25 pets. Be prepared for a little frustration the first few times you fight him.

Meet the Tamer

"Masters of the Universe". Heh, good one!

“Masters of the Universe”. Heh, good one!

Bloodknight Antari doesn’t suffer from a confidence problem, that’s for sure. He constantly reminds you that: Blood Elves are the best eva!

Also that You don’t stand a chance! and I’ll crush you!

Let’s see if we can take him down a few pegs, shall we?

The Abilities

Meet Arcanus. He's like, totally magical.

Meet Arcanus.
He’s like totally magical.

Arcanus is a giant Magic worm. All of his damage abilities are Magic attacks. Feedback is his normal magic attack. He also has Drain Power which does a small amount of Magic damage, decreases the amount of damage your pet deals, and increases his damage by 25%. The good news is that the debuff portion has a decent chance to miss, but he always gets the buff portion.

Amplify Magic his very hard.

Amplify Magic hits very hard.

His last ability, Amplify Magic stacks on top of his already strong 25% buff and he will hit very hard (an extra 75%) when it is up. Save your damage avoidance abilities until then. Also, the Amplify Magic buff is for the active pet, so stunning him or using other crowd control won’t help as much because the next pet will still get the buff for one turn.

Keep Arcanus out of reach of Flying pets. Aquatic damage pets are also not a good idea. Ideally, you’d want to send in a Dragonkin pet, but what usually happens is if you lead with a Dragonkin, Antari will switch up and his first pet will be the Elemental. He also often switches to the Elemental if you lead with a Mechanical pet.

Your best bet is to just use a pet with alot of burst damage. It takes several turns for Arcanus to get warmed up and both of his damage boost abilities have decent cooldowns, so if you burn him down quickly, he’ll be nearly dead before he hurts you too much.

Meet Jadefire. This guy hits like a truck.

Meet Jadefire.
This guy hits like a truck.

Jadefire is a very strong damage dealing Elemental. He has Immolate, which does a modest amount of Elemental damage per turn, but also puts the Burning debuff on you. Conflagrate does a large amount of Elemental damage and does 50% more if you are Burning. It has a fairly long cooldown however. Burn is his normal Elemental attack but it still does a pretty fair amount of damage.

Obviously, keep Jadefire away from any Mechanical pets. The key to beating him is to burn him down as quickly as you can. You can try to avoid his first Conflagrate attack, but other than that you just need to kill him. Avoid using pets that have a long ramp up time or are “Tanky” as it just means it will take you a few extra turns before he kills you.

A Critter or Aquatic pet is good against him, but a Beast, Dragonkin, or even another Fel Flame can do just as well if it has enough burst damage. Don’t be surprised if he manages to kill one of your pets, but don’t let him damage the next one too much.

Meet Netherbite. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Netherbite.
Annoyance Rating: High

Netherbite is weaker than the previous pet, but her abilities make her harder to kill. Nether Blast is her only attack. It does magic damage, which means it is safe to use a Magic pet if you have one but Flying pets are a very bad idea. The damage from Nether Blast increases the more times she uses it on your pet, so there is a bit of a time limit with her.

She also does Soul Ward, which allows her to block all of the damage for a single attack, and Phase Shift which gives her 100% chance to dodge for one complete turn. She usually does these abilities one right after the other and they don’t have very long cooldowns so it is important to time any hard hitting abilities around them.

The secret to defeating Netherbite is not strength, but speed. If your pet is faster than her, you will reduce the effectiveness of Phase Shift so a pet with a speed increasing ability, like Adrenaline Rush works fairly well. Also, if you use abilities like Flurry which do several small attacks, it will make Soul Ward much less useful. Humanoid attacks are good, but pet speed is more important to defeating her than type of pet damage.

In summary, this fight can be frustrating when you’re first learning it, but it’s not meant to be easy. You need to have pets that match up well and use their abilities in the correct order, and you may not have all of the “right” pets yet. However, perseverance and patience pays off with this Tamer.

Congratulations! You've just Tamed Outland!

Congratulations! You’ve just Tamed Outland!

In addition to giving you a daily quest that awards gold, or a Sack of Pet Supplies, these tamers also give your pets lots of experience. What you’ve hopefully realized by now is that pairing the pet(s) you’re leveling with one or two Level 25 pets funnels all of the XP from a fight into your leveling pet(s). This makes leveling pets much faster!

With that in mind, I’m going to start including tips on how to beat these tamers using only two Level 25 pets. The answer in nearly every case is about matchups!

Take Two

The good news is none of these pets have abilities that attack your back line pets. So you can put even a very low level pet into the fight as long as it can survive the first hit. Ideally, you want that first pet to be facing Arcanus so, unless you’re leveling a Dragonkin, you should start out with your leveling pet and then swap. Your other two (Level 25) pets should ideally be a Mechanical and a pet that deals Aquatic damage.

The Mechanical takes much less damage from Magic abilities, so it should take down Arcanus pretty quickly and still have enough hit points to finish off Netherbite at the end. A Clockwork Gnome using Blitz and Launch Rocket will just tear into the Dragonkin. Any other fast Mechanical, like a Mechanical Squirrel, De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, or a Cogblade Raptor should also do well.

You can pick from any of the Aquatic damage dealers you have available including my personal favorite: Water Waveling. As long as it’s quick and/or bursty, it should work great. You can get by with a non-Aquatic burst damage pet, but it will make it harder on your Mechanical since Netherbite may have more hit points than you’d like.

In any case, if you have the right two pets, this fight isn’t too bad and it’s worth doing the daily for the chance at an upgrade stone in addition to the XP.


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