Pet Notebook #4: Outland Edition

There are alot of interesting pets in Outland. Some of them are similar to the Azeroth pets but with interesting skins or abilities. There is also a pet vendor in Netherstorm and a couple of reputation pets you can pick up.

Rather than go zone by zone with a shopping list, I’ve picked four that I think are the creme of the crop. But first:

A Note About Breeds

Not all pets are exactly the same. In addition to the Rare/Uncommon designation you already know about, there are also different ways that the stats for the pet are distributed.

Some pet breeds are balanced equally between Health, Power, and Speed. These pets don’t have any huge weaknesses, but depending on the pet, they may be less effective than a breed that puts most of its stats in speed or power.

This isn’t as important early on, when you’re just hoping to get a rare or uncommon version to show up. Once you have access to Upgrade Stones, you will likely want to try and pick the best breed you can get and then upgrade it to a Rare.

Pets to Plunder


Cogblade Raptor is a cool little mechanical pet located near Toshley’s Station in Blade’s Edge. It does good damage on its own, but also has a debuff that works well with swarming or damage over time pet attacks. If you can find it, go for one of the speed breeds, but it may take some farming for a rare due to the weird spawn rate.


Clefthoof Runt can be found in Nagrand running with the larger Clefthoof herds. It’s a tough pet to kill with a good ability set. If you catch it at the right time, you can farm it for a rare without too much trouble. It comes in either a hit point or balance breed.


Fel Flame, located in Shadowmoon Valley is a must have. It does a lot of damage and makes several of the tamers you face later much easier.

It has very sporadic spawning. If you lose patience and settle for Uncommon over a Rare, that’s no big deal. It comes in pure HP breeds and HP/Speed or HP/Power breeds. You want one of the later two, with power being somewhat better.


Flayer Youngling spawns in the hills on the border of Terrokar Forest and Hellfire. It’s another must have simply because humanoids are hard to come by and this one does well against both Critters and Dragonkin.

It may take some luck to get one of these in a Rare since they have a small spawning area. They come in 10 different breeds. Ideally you want a Speed or Power breed over a balance or hit point, but it’s probably better to take the best you can find now and then maybe come back later with an upgrade stone.


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