Taming Northrend #1: Fjord Fever

Planning Your Itinerary

Whoever said Getting there is half the fun wasn’t talking about the tamers in Northrend. They’re spread out, the boats to Northrend put you on the edges of the continent, and it’s just not that easy to get from place-to-place… unless you’re an Engineer!

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee...

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee…

In all seriousness, if you want hit all of the trainers each day without wasting time, you need an Engineer with a Wormhole Generator, or a toon with an Argent Crusader’s Tabard, or (ideally) a way to teleport into Dalaran (like a Mage, a Hearthstone, or one of those nifty rings they sell). Two of the three options make it really easy.

Of course, you could just park an unused alt or two near the tamers in Northrend. It might be handy anyway if you’re looking to capture one of the rare pets.

Welcome to Northrend

Well, it's not lakefront property, but it does have an ocean view!

Well, it’s not lake-front property, but it does have an ocean view!

So how was your trip? Did you have a nice long flight into the middle of nowhere? The wormhole was just a suggestion really, I didn’t expect it to just dump you on top of a Vrykl infested keep or anything. Glad you made it down okay anyways.

Oh, and I hope you’ve got a small stable of Level 25 pets because Northrend is where Blizzard finally starts to take the training wheels off this pet battle stuff.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the "crazy" in "crazy-ass Gnome!"

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the “crazy” in “crazy-ass Gnome!”

I’ll admit, I’m a Gnome enthusiast. We are the Kings and Queens of “out of the box” thinking.

When we see a box, the first thing we think is: How do we get out of this box?

Followed closely by: Who the heck put us inside this box!

And finally: It’s not funny anymore guys! Let me outta the box!!

That being said, sometimes there’s a Gnome that moves past “unorthodox”. This gnome breezes their way through “maverick.” This Gnome will not stop until they end up somewhere in the middle of “bat-guano crazy!”

Beegle Blastfuse is one of those Gnomes! I mean the guy is sitting there on the edge of this huge ass cliff trying to teach a Chicken, a Turkey, and a Penguin to how fly! And it’s not like he’s using a glider, a parachute, or a rocket pack. He’s just up there flapping his arms.

And he’s even named one of them “Dinner!” What self respecting tamer does this??

At this point, I’m not sure if steamrolling his team is a mercy for them or not. I’d rather go all Harriet Tubman and escort them to freedom!

The Abilities

Meet Dinner. Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Meet Dinner.
Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Dinner is a Chicken. Obviously, he’s not very smart or he would have left this crazy Gnome tamer in the dust. But he does have a few interesting abilities.

He usually starts off with Squawk which reduces your damage by 25% for three turns. He then does Flock, which is where you get attacked by an entire flock of chickens.

Where did this Flock of chickens come from? Oh well, I'm a dragon: RAWR!

Where did this Flock of chickens come from?
Oh wait, I’m a dragon! RAAWR!

It’s just like Swarm except it does Flying damage instead of Critter damage. Then he usually does Lift-Off where he actually does fly for a little bit. The main thing to remember is that this ability can hit for a ton when combined with the debuff from Flock. So don’t be afraid to swap.

If you have a dragonkin or a pet with a blocking ability, Dinner isn’t that dangerous. Just keep away from Aquatic pets. Beast pets may have a hard time as well.

Meet Gobbles. Not really much better name-wise.

Meet Gobbles.
Not really much better as far as names go.

Gobbles is slightly more annoying than Dinner. Mainly because he has a crowd control ability and actually uses it! Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen with most of the Tamers.

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy...

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy…

Food Coma is his crowd control ability. It puts you to sleep for a few turns unless you take damage. Which usually happens on the next turn, so it’s not worth swapping unless your pet has low health anyway.

Gobbles also does Gobble Strike which is another name for Adrenaline Rush and Slicing Wind which is a normal Flying damage attack. Use a Dragonkin or Magic pet if you want to mess him up quickly. You can use an Aquatic or Beast pet, with care. Be prepared to be frustrated a bit with his crowd control as it seems to come off cooldown about the same time as your big hitting abilities.

Meet Warble. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Warble.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Warble keeps this fight from being a total snooze. He’s an Aquatic pet with some frustrating abilities. His first ability is Peck which is just a normal Flying attack.

northrend pet tamer 1 - ice tomb

Ice Tomb is his large damage ability that also stuns you. Try and time any damage avoidance abilities around this if you can.

northrend pet tamer 1 - slippery ice

Slippery Ice just adds to the fun. Mainly because, now your abilities have an extra chance to miss (on top of the higher chance to miss for hard hitting attacks). This often means that, just when you think the little Penguin is dead, he manages to survive another round to beat up on you.

Your best bet is to put a Flying pet on Warble preferably one with Lift-Off, so you can avoid the stun. A Critter with damage avoidance abilities can also work. Any pet with a heal can also let you power through his Ice Tomb though it may not survive depending on its damage type. Avoid using Mechanical or Undead pets with Warbler.

In summary, a Dragonkin or a Magic pet (or better yet, a Magic dealing Dragonkin) can take the first two pets without too much trouble. Which makes this fight easy as your last two can beat up on the Penguin. Beast- or Aquatic-heavy teams may have trouble, but most compositions should be okay.

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Take Two

In case you missed the subtle hints, what you need to make this fight EZ mode is a Level 25 Dragonkin that does Magic damage. Like a Celestial Dragon, or a Nether Faerie Dragon or an Emerald Proto-Whelp.

There are other choices as well. Any of the ones on this page can help. But you should start thinking about how to obtain and level any of those first three, as they will help tremendously in later fights.


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