Taming Northrend #3: Ghoul Trouble

Welcome to Zul'Drak! Hope you like creepy crawly things...

Welcome to Zul’Drak! Hope you like creepy crawly things…

Well I’d like to say that this next one is easier than the last guy, but it’s really not much easier. If you have a couple of hard hitting pets preferably a Mechanical, then this fight isn’t that tough. But you can’t just throw any three pets in and expect an easy fight.

Also, this kind of freaked me out the first few times it showed up in the middle of the fight:

Incoming message from Thyrm - The Hope Ender: GTFO My Lawn!

Incoming message from:
Thyrm <The Hope Ender>
You Kidz Better GTFO My Lawn!!

Meet The Tamer

Meet Gutretch. He's alright in my book.

Meet Gutretch. He’s alright in my book.

Gutretch is really not that bad of a guy. All he wants to do is have fun battling pets. In fact, I’d say he’s probably the most stable of all the Northrend tamers. Of course, considering his brain probably rotted out awhile ago, that’s not saying much. But he’d be a hit at any Hallow’s End party!

The Abilities

Meet Cadavus. Yet another giant flesh-eating worm pet.

Meet Cadavus:
Yet another giant flesh-eating worm pet.

Cadavus is one of the many giant worm pets you have to fight. These have to be one of the favorite annoying Tamer pets.

Cadavus has the same moves as all the others: Acidic Goo which puts a DOT on you and causes you to take 25% extra damage, Burrow which already hits with alot of damage and is nearly always boosted by the goo, and Consume which heals the giant worm pet.

You kill it the same as all the others: bring in a Mechanical or other heavy hitter and damage it more than its Consume can heal it. The main thing is keep Critters away from this pet. Aquatics or any pet with a damage reducing ability can help, but you want bursty pets more than tanky pets.

Meet Fleshrender. Second verse (almost) the same as the first!

Meet Fleshrender:
Second verse (almost) the same as the first!

Fleshrender is just like the other pet except it has Leap instead of Burrow. This makes it easier to kill but maybe a bit harder on Critter pets. Keep the first bursty pet on it and swap in another good pet if the first one dies before you can take down Fleshrender.

If you have a good crowd control ability, you might use it on Cadavus and then burn through this pet first as it’s a bit easier. But it’s no biggy if you don’t.

Meet Blight. It's EZ Mode at this point.

Meet Blight.
It’s EZ Mode at this point.

Blight is easy as long as you have a pet with a decent amount of hit points left. If you can slow Blight down, it’s even easier as Flurry does more damage if it attacks first. Blight’s other abilities, Comeback and Sting aren’t too tough.

In summary, a couple of good damage pets, like a Mechanical or a strong Elemental, can make this fight very easy. If you have a critter heavy or a tanky group, you may have trouble, but there are no gimmicks to worry about.

Coming from a walking, talking, Undead guy, that question actually makes sense!

Coming from a walking, talking, Undead guy, that question actually makes sense!

Take Two

In case you missed the (not so subtle) hints, this fight can be easily done for leveling purposes. Just make sure your leveling pet has enough hit points to survive the initial Acidic Goo, then swap it out for the first Burrow.

After that, all you need are at least one, preferably two, heavy hitting pets. Originally, I leaned towards a Personal World Destroyer, but I think a Fel Flame is actually better at this point.

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