Taming Northrend #4: Dragonblight Battle!

Here Be (Moar) Dragons!

Here Be (Moar) Dragons!

This next fight can be very painful. Like the Creepy Strangler Guy, the Angry Orc Dude seems to require at least one pet that has good Critter damage. It also requires that you pay some attention to the different abilities this Tamer throws at you. So it’s more like a PvP fight than a typical boss throwdown.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Okrul Dragonwaste. Yeah, I kind of hate this guy.

Meet Okrul Dragonwaste.
Yeah, I kind of hate this guy.

Okrul Dragonwaste or, as I like to call him the Angry Orc Dude, is kind of a douchebag. It looks like he’s come to Northrend to enslave a bunch of dragons and take them back to the Warchief. Only he’s really only bringing one dragon as two out of the three are actually Undead.

Also he yells alot about how he’s doing this “For the Horde” but I don’t really think the Warchief needs to add tiny Dragons to his arsenal of cool toys. They’re just not that effective. And big ones can be kind of a pain to wrangle. What the Warchief really needs is good Goblin Engineering!

Anyways, I want to smack Angry Orc Dude by the end of this, and you will too most likely. Let me show you how we can make this happen!

The Abilities

Meet Drogar. Bonafide, 100% Flame-Breathing Dragon.

Meet Drogar.
Bonafide, 100% Flame-Breathing Dragon.

Okay, so it’s a toss-up whether you’ll meet Drogar or the other one first. I think it depends on which kind you pick first, but we’ll start with him. Drogar’s first ability is called Flamethrower.

Flamethrower: It Burrrns!

Flamethrower: It Burrrns!

Flamethrower hits your pet with a large amount of Elemental damage and sets everything on fire. This ability can be very annoying in PvP, but since he doesn’t have any abilities that work off of the Burning debuff. It’s not that bad.

Drogar also does Proto-strike which is just like Lift-Off that your Flying pet does, only it does Dragonkin instead of Flying damage. His last ability is Ancient Blessing which is a huge self heal with a small boost to the entire team’s hit points.

Ideally, you’d counter Drogar with a Humanoid, but an Undead or even a Critter with a Burrow or other damage avoidance ability can do well against him. Avoid using Magic and Flying pets against him.

Meet Sleet. He's very cold and very dead.

Meet Sleet.
He’s very cold and very dead.

Sleet is an Undead pet with a mix of Elemental and Dragonkin abilities. The perfect counter is a Critter though an Undead with critter abilities also works well.

northrend pet tamer 4 - blizzard

Blizzard is his first ability. It does a large amount of Elemental damage to the front pet and has a weather effect. None of his abilities work with the Chilled debuff so it’s not that important.

northrend pet tamer 4 - ice tomb

Ice Tomb is his next ability. It puts an attack on the ground that hits your pet after 3 rounds with a large elemental damage and stun. You need to time any damage avoiding abilities like Burrow or Lift-Off around this attack. Sleet also does Frost Breath which is a normal Dragonkin attack.

When I was first taking this guy on, my best pet was a fast Brown Marmot as I could reduce or avoid his large Elemental attacks and kill him quickly with the Critter attacks. Any good Critter pet should do well, but avoid using Mechanicals or Magic pets.

Meet Rot. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Rot.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Rot is an Undead pet that has both Dragonkin attacks and Undead self-healing. An Undead pet that does Critter damage is the perfect counter, though most strong Critter or Aquatic pets will also work.

northrend pet tamer 4 - plagued blood

Plagued Blood is the usual opener. It hits your pet for a decent amount of Undead damage and puts a debuff on the pet that heals Rot when your pet is hit. It is usually followed by Death and Decay which is just a DoT that hits for a small amount of Undead damage. The final attack is Shadowflame which is a typical Dragonkin attack, but slightly more annoying because of the debuff that heals when you get hit.

The main issue with Rot is that it’s strong enough that you need to keep a good pet ready to kill it. However, after the first two pets, you may not have one with enough hit points. Some of it depends on not getting really bad RNG with your first two pets. Avoid using Magic and Humanoid pets against Rot, burn him down quickly and you should be okay.

In summary, the same pets you used against the Creepy Strangler Guy should come in handy against the Angry Orc Dude. However, swapping in a Critter pet or a pet with good avoidance abilities against Sleet can make it easier. Avoid using a Humanoid or Magic heavy team, and use your abilities in the right place, and it’s doable, but not super easy.

No Dragons for You, Angry Orc Dude!

No Dragons for You, Angry Orc Dude!

Take Two

This fight can be done for leveling without too much trouble, though bad RNG can cause you to waste an attempt or two. You can use most any leveling pet if you manage to swap it in and out at the right time, though having enough hit points to take one good hit helps.

An Infected Fawn with Flurry and Adrenaline Rush, or an Infected Squirrel with Stampede are ideal for taking on the two Undead pets. A strong Critter or another pet with good avoidance also works, though a Frog pet is less effective than against the Creepy Strangler Guy since it can’t heal through the Elemental damage that Sleet does.

For the Dragonkin pet, you can use a Humanoid, or really any heavy damaging pet, but avoid using Mechanicals or Magic pets.


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