Taming Cataclysm #1: It’s Nordrassil Time!

Welcome to Mount Hyjal: The Happiest Place in Azeroth!

Welcome to Mount Hyjal:
The Happiest Place in Azeroth!

So if you’re keeping track, there are only four more tamers left, and then you can take on the pros in Pandaria. Kind of exciting, eh? Did I just say ‘eh’? Really?? Whateva!

It’s safe to say that Blizzard has taken off the training wheels and is making you work, at least a little bit, for each of your victories from here on out. I hope you picked up some good pets in Northrend, because you’re gonna need them!

Meet the Tamer

Meet Brok. He's here doing "research". Whatever.

Meet Brok. He’s here doing “research”. Whatever.

So again we’ve got the Tamers trying to pass off what they’re doing as “research”. It’s like a special super-sekret tamer club! And no, I’m not cool enough to join.

Instead of the usual Mad Scientist-type, we’ve got a nature loving Tauren named Brok who’s decided the best way to help the troubled wildlife is to capture them and make them battle each other to the death. It still sounds like the plot to some Sci-Fi B Movie if you ask me. And I don’t even want to know what else he’s got planned for the Double Feature.

The Abilities

Meet Kali. A cute little Nightwisp... of DEATH!

Meet Kali. A cute little Nightwisp… of DEATH!

Kali is a cute little Nightwisp with some tough abilities if you’re not prepared for them. First Kali will Flash at you which does a small amount of damage and then Blinds you.

cataclysm pet tamer 1 - Blinded

Then she shines a Light in your eye which hits for a large amount of damage and will do double damage if you are Blinded. Then for three turns she does Arcane Explosion which will damage all of your team for a small amount. This is all Magic damage.

Obviously, avoid using Flying pets and pets that do Aquatic damage. She’s not that tough as long as you have a Mechanical pet, a pet that does Dragonkin damage, or a pet that can consistently avoid her Flash attack by either blocking it or using something like Deflection to dodge it. Just remember, the faster you kill her, the less damage the rest of your team takes.

Meet Ashtail. He'd gnaw your face off if he were just a bit bigger!

Meet Ashtail.
He’d gnaw your face off if he were just a wee bit bigger!

Ashtail is a pretty standard Beast, but his main attack, Quick Attack does critter damage. This ability allows him to ignore speed differences and attack you first. So avoid Flurry and other similar abilities. He generally saves Comeback for when his health is low, as it does extra damage then, and he weaves Triple Snap in there occasionally.

A Mechanical is good against him, obviously. A Flying pet will lose the speed advantage and the damage reduction it usually gets, though a Humanoid that does non-Humanoid attacks (like a Flayer Youngling) would do okay. Avoid using Critter and Undead pets against Ashtail.

Meet Incinderous. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Incinderous.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate

Incinderous is pretty tough for a tiny little beetle. He has the standard Critter attacks, Swarm and Scratch, and he also triggers Survival which you’ve undoubtedly seen before.

Mainly though, he just has a really big health pool and can wear you down if you’re not careful. Avoid using Undead or Elemental pets on him, and stick a Beast on him if you can, and you should be fine.

In summary, this is no Major Payne. As long as you come prepared you should be okay. Also, it’s right next to the portal and a Stable Master, which you’ll come to appreciate if you start doing this as a daily.

Hey, if you didn't want them killed, you could have just left them with the Crazy Cultists down the hill. Okay fine, here are some more Pet Bandages...

Hey, if you didn’t want them killed, you could have just left them with the Crazy Cultists down the hill! Okay fine, here are some more Pet Bandages…

Take Two

I’d like to think this was unnecessary, but the amount of health these pets have makes all these fights non-trivial if you want to use them for leveling. You can use even a low level pet on this fight, though you have to kill the Nightwisp eventually or it’ll take too much damage and die. You can even lead with your leveling pet, and avoid one Blind + Flash cycle, though that might throw off your rotation depending on which pet you use.

My first thought was to just stick a Mechanical on Kali and power through the (greatly reduced) damage. This works great with a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling but less good with other Mechanicals. What worked best for me was to stick a Flayer Youngling on it and time its Deflection ability to avoid Flash. I had hoped that this would be the one time its Focus ability was useful, but you still get the Blinded debuff and take the extra damage.

The last two pets do a pretty strong amount of damage as well. I used a Mechanical Squirrel with Thrash and Windup and tore through the last two pets. Any pet that does decent Beast or Mechanical damage (or both) should be able to finish those last two.

I’m sure there are multiple ways to do this with two pets. Just remember that it’s best to avoid the Flash if you can. Also, remember to swap your leveling pet in there at some point!


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