Taming Cataclysm #3: Twilight Madness

Twilight Highlands? More like Twilight big ugly Crater-lands!

Twilight Highlands? More like Twilight big ugly Crater-lands!

So yeah, this next guy is fun. And by fun, I mean completely unhinged and carrying around a pack of pets that are equally weird. At least the Stable Master is close on Alliance side.

Meet the Tamer

Whatever Dude, do you wanna play some WoW Pokemon or not?

Whatever Dude, do you wanna play some WoW Pokemon or not?

Goz Banefury really likes the Twilight Hammer. He seems to also be a huge fan of world ending catastrophes. And he likes giant craters filled with evil monsters and stuff. I bet he's a blast at parties…

Also, Banefury seems to think he's some kind of god. Let's put that to the test!

The Abilities

Meet Twilight. She's totally chargin' her Laz0rs and stuff.

Meet Twilight. She’s totally chargin’ her Laz0rs and stuff.

Twilight is an Elemental with some weird abilities. Her main attack is a Magic ability called Laser which does a fair bit of damage and “never” misses. She also has an Elemental attack called Darkflame which hits pretty hard, is on a moderate cooldown, and gives you a debuff that reduces your healing by 50% for two turns. You want to try and mitigate this if you can.

She's gets knocked down, but she gets up again! Your neva gonna keep her down!

She’s gets knocked down, but she gets up again! You’re neva gonna keep her down!

Her last ability is called Dark Rebirth and you really need to pay attention to that. Basically, if that ability is up and you kill her, she comes back to life with full health which she burns through over a few turns. To keep from triggering that, don't damage her when her health is low until the ability has been used up.

Avoid using Flying pets against Twilight. If you have a mechanical pet that doesn't do Mechanical damage (like a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling) you can do pretty well as long as you time you avoidance abilities around Darkflame. A pet with good heals and avoidance, like a Spawn of Onyxia, or a snail pet can also do well.

Meet Amythel. He's just weird.

Meet Amythel.
He’s just weird.

Amythel is another weirdo. He's a Magic pet whose main attack is an Undead ability called Creepy Chomp. He also has an attack called Creeping Ooze which does damage over time and increases the damage your pet takes by 25%.

cataclysm pet tamer 3 - adrenal glands

His last ability, Adrenal Glands, increases his critical strike by 50%, but also reduces his chance to hit by 25%. So it varies alot how much this helps him. It does give you an extra turn to attack though while he is applying the buff.

Your best bet with this guy is any pet that does even moderate Dragonkin damage. It's much easier to burn him down than tank him as he doesn’t have any avoidance abilities. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to use Humanoids on him.

Meet Helios. He's a giant spider. Wow, I've never seen that before!

Meet Helios.
He’s a giant spider.
Wow, I’ve never seen that before!

Helios is a typical spider pet. He has Brittle Webbing instead of Sticky Webbing so you can swap your pet if you need to. Mechanical or Flying pets are best. Avoid using Humanoids, Critter pets, and pets with swarm or flurry attacks.

In summary, this fight really revolves around how well you do against the Elemental. If you can get through that with most of your team still up, and don't trigger the Dark Rebirth you should be in good shape to finish.

Best two out of three?

Best two out of three?

Take Two

This fight is relatively easy to use for leveling, if you have the right Mechanical to take out the first pet. Ideally, a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Decoy, Dragon Breath, and Explode. Other pets will also work, but it may take some testing to find out what works for you.

The second pet can be a Flying pet with Cocoon or Lift-Off or a Dragonkin with some heal or avoidance abilities. Your leveling pet should probably be swapped in later, rather than opening with it, so it doesn’t get hit with an opening Darkflame and killed.

Try and time your first pet's avoidance around Darkflame. Burn Twilight down to one hit and then wait to finish until Rebirth is triggered or you have a killing blow (if your pet is faster). If you're using the Dragonkin, burn down his Magic pet next. Otherwise, you might swap for your second pet and save your first pet's abilities to finish the spider.

It's really up to you. The hardest part of this is getting through that first pet with a decent amount of health left. After that, it's relatively easy.

Heh, puny god!

Heh, puny god!


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