Taming Cataclysm #4: Uldum Showdown!

Uldum: now this is what I call a nice vacation spot!

Uldum: Now this is what I call a nice vacation spot!

One last Tamer and then you’re finished Taming Cataclysm. This is the only one of them that doesn’t have a portal straight back to your capitol city. But who wants to go back? It’s nice here in Uldum!

The fight itself is the most straightforward of all of them, but it’s still tough simply because all three pets are stronger, faster, and have more hit points than yours will.

Meet the Tamer

Obalis is waiting for you!

Obalis is waiting for you!

Obalis is a giant cat statute thing who was apparently left by the Titans to test the abilities of any would be Grand Master Tamers. Or something like that. The guy seems kind of confused to be honest. He might have just showed up a few months ago and only thinks he’s been around for eons. At least he gives a bag of goodies to anyone who beats him. Who cares about the backstory, just give me the shinies!

The Abilities

Meet Pyth. Big, Scary, Snake. Need I say more?

Meet Pyth.
Big, Scary, Snake.
Need I say more?

Pyth is a typical snake, but he’s pretty dang tough. He has three of the usual attacks: Vicious Fang, which hits harder each time he uses it, Counterstrike which does Humanoid damage with extra damage if he attacks last, and Poison Fang which poisons your pet slowly over five turns. Keep Critters far away from Pyth.

If you want to try and wear him down one-on-one, you’re going to need a tough and fast Mechanical or a higher DPS non-Mechanical. A dragonkin with a tail swipe (like Spawn of Onyxia) can do well as long as it is slower than Pyth and has a way to heal or avoid the occasional Counterstrike. If all else fails, there’s always the good ol’ Darkmoon Tonk!

Meet Spring. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Spring.
Annoyance Rating: High

Spring is the anchor of this team, mainly because her high speed and avoidance abilities make it hard to actually hurt her. Her opening move is usually Moth Dust which has a 25% chance to put your pet to sleep, and it seems to happen more often than that. She then generally follows with Cocoon Strike which will block 1-2 hits completely. Finally, she attacks with the normal Flying attack, Slicing Wind, until her first two attacks come off cooldown and the whole thing starts over. Keep Aquatic pets away from her, obviously.

Ideally, what you need to take her down is a Dragonkin that does magic damage, like a Nether Faerie Dragon, an Emerald Proto-Whelp, etc. A normal Magic pet, even an Ooze, will work well. You could probably get by with a high DPS pet as long as it does non-Beast damage. Time any strong attacks around her Cocoon Strike and try and avoid getting hit by Moth Dust if you can help it.

Meet Clatter. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Clatter.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Clatter isn’t that tough, but he’s got enough health and damage that you still need to have a good pet up if you want to finish. Clatter starts out with Apocalypse which you can mostly ignore. He then goes into Swarm for three turns which does some damage and also gives you the Shattered Defenses debuff. After that, his Flank attack will hit for a ton and will hit even more if he is faster than your pet.

Try to finish him off quickly and time any avoidance abilities to kick in after Swarm so that his Flank doesn’t kill your pet. A beast pet with a speed reducing ability, like a snake, is ideal. A pet with a shield ability is also a good choice. Any strong pet with a way to mitigate the Shattered Defenses debuff is what you need here.

In summary, if you have the right matchups, you can get through the fight without too much trouble. Bad RNG can still sink you but if you pay attention to your abilities, it’s not that tough.

Congratulations! You've just finished Taming Cataclysm!!

Congratulations! You’ve just finished Taming Cataclysm!!

Take Two

This pet battle can be a bit tricky to use for leveling purposes mainly because the pets all have huge stat bonuses, and none of them have any easy weaknesses you can exploit. Also, you need to be careful opening with your leveling pet as the Poison fang may kill your pet, and the moth dust ability can one-shot lower level pets.

I’ve done well opening with a Darkmoon Tonk, though the Tamer will often pick the Moth first instead of the Snake. But that’s still okay as you can drop mines and swap to your Moth killing pet (which is a Dragonkin that does Magic damage). You can then bring your Tonk back to mine and finish off the Beast and your Dragonkin can (hopefully) kill the Beetle.

I’ve also been able to handle it with a Spawn of Onyxia instead of the Tonk as the huge heal and Lift-Off abilities let it mitigate much of the damage thrown at it. I’m sure there are other combinations you can use, depending on your pet stable, but you’ll likely need a Dragonkin that does Magic or Beast damage in order to have an advantage against the last two pets. I don’t think a Flying pet with Mechanical damage exists, so it’s much harder to find a strong matchup to counter the Beast pet.

In any case, if you have too much trouble using it to level, that’s likely because you don’t have the right matchups. A good excuse to level another pet! And it’s still worth doing the daily because of the chance to get an upgrade stone from the pet supplies bag.


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