Taming Pandaria #3: Getting Wild!

What happens in the Krasarang Wilds stays in the Krasarang Wilds!

What happens in the Krasarang Wilds, stays in the Krasarang Wilds!

So this fight is definitely not EZ Mode. You’ll actually need to pay attention and use more than one pet if you want to win. So that’s good.

Also, how annoying is it to try and type “Krasarang?” I kind of want to smack the person who picked that name. Then again, maybe they’re like 10 feet tall and can beat me up. Maybe that’s their Mother’s favorite word and they’ll have to duel me to the death for making fun of it?? Maybe I’ve been through the Wormhole Generator one too many times and my brain is permanently scrambled! Anyways, let’s talk about the tamer now.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Mo'ruk. He's gonna beat ya!

Meet Mo’ruk.
He’s gonna beat ya!

Mo’ruk is a giant Monkey-man who’s gonna beat ya! What’s extra sad is how many times you get ROFL-stomped by the Monkey-man while you’re figuring out what you need to do to finally ook him in the dook.

Let me ease your pain somewhat and share what I’ve learned to consistently ook him.

The Abilities

Meet Woodcarver. Whadda know, another giant caterpillar-thingy!

Meet Woodcarver.
Whadda know, another giant caterpillar-thingy!

Woodcarver is just like every other giant Caterpillar-thingy. Only with more stats. First, he hits you with his Acidic Goo which increases your damage taken by 25%. Then, he Burrows and hits you with an extra strong hit. Then he heals himself with Consume. At this point, your Acidic Goo needs renewed, so he does that. Then he either hits Consume or does nothing until he’s ready to Burrow. After a few attempts, you can usually guess the timing on him.

So what do you do to stop him? Well, that depends on your stable. If you’ve got a Darkmoon Tonk, you set that up with Minefield and Lock-On, then you fire your Missle at him, trying to keep him over 50% health until his first consume. That way he doesn’t get extra heals from his Beast special ability. Then you fire your Lock-On and Rocket him until he’s dead. If you can, try and drop a second mine-field before you switch pets.

What do you use if you don’t have a Tonk? Another good Mechanical, like the Squirrel or the Dragonling, should work. I’ve also had good luck using an Ooze as your Absorb and your DoTs do a good job of killing Woodcarver while still having a fair amount of health left. If you don’t have any of those pets, you can try and use the best DPS pet you have and hope it works.

Meet Lightstalker. This is one giant moth, you wouldn't want to find in your cupboard!

Meet Lightstalker.
This is one giant moth, you wouldn’t want to find in your cupboard!

Lightstalker hits even harder than the Giant Caterpillar-thingy. He’s got Moth Balls, Moth Dust, and Alpha Strike and they all sting. He doesn’t have any mitigation or avoidance abilities, so the best thing you can do is burn him down, and the best pet for that is a Dragonkin. Preferably, one that does magic damage, but any will do in a pinch. You can try and kill him with a Magic pet, or something else that has good mitigation, but it’s probably not any easier.

Meet Needleback. He's a spinning ball of pain.

Meet Needleback.
He’s a spinning ball of pain!

Needleback is fast and painful. He usually opens with Headbutt which is a Beast attack that can take 40-50% of your health. If you survive that, he uses Grasp to make sure you can’t leave, and then uses Powerball on you until his Headbutt is off cooldown again.

You can try and use a Flying pet, since he is an Aquatic. This works pretty well, especially if you have Lift-Off or Cocoon as it keeps his Headbutt from hurting as much though it does nothing for the other two abilities. If you have a Harpy Youngling, that actually does well against him too. If all else fails, the Spawn of Onyxia with Tail-Sweep is a good choice as it can heal back the damage from Headbutt and it also has Lift-Off which does a ton of damage to him (when it actually hits).

In summary, this fight is about matchups and to some extent, RNG. If you have a pet to counter each of his, you should be able to beat him. If you don’t, then maybe it’s time to go level or catch one!

Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust!

Take Two

So this one took me awhile to figure out. I’m always tempted to try and tweak my strategy, as it’s still dependent on RNG, but every time I do, it keeps de-railing somehow.

Assuming your pet is at least level 10, you want to open with it so that it takes the Acidic Goo from the Caterpillar and your first pet takes less damage.

Your next pet should most likely be a Darkmoon Tonk with Minefield and Lock-On just like I mentioned above. I’ve done it with other pets, though they didn’t go as smoothly. Handle the Tonk pretty much exactly as I mentioned earlier and his Caterpillar should be dead after only 1-2 Consumes depending on RNG. If it takes longer than that, you’ll probably lose.

pandaria pet tamer 3 - minefield 1

If your first minefield misses when the Moth comes in, you may have trouble winning, but keep trying anyway. Don’t swap your Tonk out immediately, as you want it to lay down another minefield. Depending on how much health it has left, it may die after laying down the mines. If it’s already used its fail-safe, just let it die, otherwise swap it.

Your next pet should most likely be a Spawn of Onyxia with Tail Swipe, Lift-Off, and Healing Flame. You need a Dragonkin to take on the second pet and still have enough hit-points to wipe out the third. The heals and avoidance make this pet work, though you can likely have a good chance with something like the Emerald Whelpling. Not everyone has this pet, of course.

You should time your heal so that it’s not immediately after a Moth Ball attack as the heal will be much smaller. Your Tail Swipe is your main DPS. You should try and time your Lift-Off so that you don’t get hit with Moth Balls as the Moth’s other big attack, Moth Dust has a higher chance to miss and you can always use Healing Flame to mitigate it. This may take some practice, but it’s no biggy if you can’t pull it off consistently. Any avoidance is still good.

pandaria pet tamer 3 - moth ball - missing

Another pro tip: if the Moth’s health is low enough to trigger your Dragonkin ability, it may be a good idea to not kill it on the next turn. Rather, you heal yourself or whatever and let your next (unbuffed) attack finish it off. This means your first attack on the Spinny Turtle guy will be extra hard. Whether you do this or not depends on how much health you have as well as the Turtle’s first attack hits very hard.

pandaria pet tamer 3 - minefield 2

If everything goes well, you should have around 60-80% health and so should the last pet. Use your heal whenever it comes off cooldown. You can try and time your next Lift-Off to avoid the Turtle’s Headbutt though that takes a little dumb luck as much as anything. If you’re lucky enough to have your Lift-Off damage him, you’re in good shape. If not, you can still kill him with Tail swipe just hope that you don’t get crit to death.


  1. If your leveling pet is too low to live through Acidic Goo, it’s doable, but more difficult.
  2. Bad RNG can derail this strategy, especially if Minefield doesn’t trigger, or your Tonk doesn’t kill the first pet fast enough, or your Dragonkin takes too much damage.
  3. Several bad attempts in a row can make this very frustrating. Don’t forget to breathe!
Hard Mode: Unlocked!

Hard Mode: Unlocked!


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