Taming Pandaria #4: Hitting the Summit

Welcome to Kun-Lai Summit! Hope you like heights!

Welcome to Kun-Lai Summit!
Hope you like heights!

This next guy isn’t nearly as annoying as the previous one. Although he makes up for it by being impossible to find!

Hard to get to? You weren't kidding!

Hard to get to? You weren’t kidding!

In fact, if you have the right set of pets, finding the dang Tamer can be more time consuming than the fight itself.

About the Tamer

Meet Courageous Yon. He's kind of a big deal.

Meet Courageous Yon.
He’s a Legend in his own mind. Or something.

Courageous Yon seems to be kind of a big deal. Or at least, he claims to be this legendary tamer guy. Which begs the question, if you’re so awesome wouldn’t you have better digs than this lousy cave in the middle of nowhere? Oh well, maybe that just means his bag of shinies will be extra shiny.

The Abilities

Meet Piqua. The fiercest chicken in Pandaria!

Meet Piqua.
The fiercest chicken in Pandaria!

Piqua is just like pretty much every other chicken you’ve fought before. She Squawks, she Flocks and she Lifts-Off the ground for a brief flight. Only she’s got tons of stats.

Bring a pet with a shield ability (like this Emerald Proto-Whelp), and she’s EZ Mode. I mean, maybe you get hit by her Lift-Off for some damage, but that’s about it.

Meet Lapin. He's the fiercest Rabbit on this mountain!

Meet Lapin.
He’s the most awesome Rabbit on this mountain!

Lapin is just like every other rabbit you’ve fought before. While his Burrow can do some damage, if you have a shield ability, you can mitigate his other two attacks almost completely. Bring a pet with a shield that does Beast damage, like a Turtle or a Crab, and he’s EZ Mode.

Meet Bleat. He's the toughest old goat in this cave! At least probably so.

Meet Bleat.
He’s the toughest goat
in this entire cave!

Bleat may be different from other pets you’ve fought before. At least as far as Tamers go.

pandaria pet tamer 4 - chew

He usually starts with Chew. This ability lets him do an extra large attack on his next turn. Then he Stampedes you which gives you the Shattered Defenses (unless you have a shield ability). Then he takes a break and heals himself with Bleat. After that he Stampedes again, sometimes doing Chew first.

If you have a pet with a shield ability you’ll only take damage from his Chew attack. If your pet can heal itself, you should be able to mitigate that without any problem.

In summary, this fight is EZ Mode if you have one or two pets with a shield ability. So hunt down those Crabs, Snails, Turtles, and/or Emerald Proto-Whelps if you haven’t already!

Turtle to the Rescue!

Turtle to the Rescue!

Take Two

So did you get that hint about how you need pets with shield abilities if you want to win this? Was I too subtle?

You can easily level any pet in this fight, even a Level 1 (as long as that Squawk doesn’t crit). Swap your leveling pet in for your Chicken-killing pet, put up its shield and beat down that Chicken. You should likely play it safe and use any heals you have on every cooldown, but the most important thing is to keep that Shattered Defenses debuff from ever appearing, by keeping your shield up!

You can swap in your second pet to take out the Bunny and it should go just as smoothly as the Chicken. The Mountain Goat might be a little tricky as Chew still does some damage, but he doesn’t always use it on every cooldown. As long as you have some self-healing, it should work.

Of course, if that’s not easy enough for you, the perfect pet for this fight is: Anubisath Idol. With Sandstorm, the Humanoid Self heal, and Deterrence, he can take on all three by himself, though it takes much longer. Fortunately, Sandstorm lets you swap in any (non-Elemental) and it will still block those attacks as long as the weather ability is in effect.

Okay, you do that then!

Okay, you do that then!


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