Taming Pandaria #5: The Waterboy

Water, Water Everywhere...

Water, Water Everywhere…

So, only three Tamers left! How exciting! And once again, we have a fight where getting there is almost annoying as the pet battle itself. Though for different reasons:

This patrol is in a very awkward location. Also, he respawns quickly enough that you might want to dismiss any pets.

This patrol is in a very awkward location.
Also, he respawns quickly enough that you might want to dismiss any pets.

There, that's better!

There, that’s better!

Meet the Tamer

That's what they all say Seeker Zusshi.

That’s what they all say, Seeker Zusshi!

Seeker Zusshi is certainly confident. Apparently staring at a big pool of water day-in, day-out makes you very good at pet battling. Actually, the rest of the tamers are exactly like him, though they give their own quirky reason why they’re the unique snowflake that you won’t ever defeat. Let’s show this one we mean business!

The Abilities

Speaking of unique snowflakes, here's Diamond!

Speaking of unique snowflakes, here’s Diamond!

Diamond is a pretty tough Elemental. Not nearly as bad as the ones in Deepholm, but between her two Freeze abilities and her Howling Blast you can take a large amount of damage. As with most Elementals, the answer is Aquatic damage!

Meet Mollus. Annoyance Rating: Low

Meet Mollus.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Mollus is just like every other snail. Maybe he hits a little harder but the main problem with him is the self heal from his Absorb ability. Fortunately, it hits less on Aquatic pets, so an Aquatic pet that does Beast damage, like a Turtle, is your best option.

Meet Skimmer. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Skimmer.
Annoyance Rating: High

Skimmer is what keeps this fight from being too easy. He takes a bit to ramp up, but his large damage attack, Pump takes out huge chunks of your health. And he manages to Soothe you to sleep so that you have difficulty avoiding that damage.

You would think that the best way to counter Skimmer is by using an Flying pet and burning him down. But the best option, in my opinion, is to bring in another pet with Pump, only make sure and prime your pump on the previous pet so that you’re ready to bring the pain as soon as Skimmer shows up. You should be able to get at least two pumps off before he kills you, and if you have any pets at all alive at that point, Skimmer will be easy to finish off.

If you don’t have an Aquatic pet that works, the next best is likely a Magic pet, as that will mitigate alot of the damage from Pump. If you don’t have one of those leveled, just bring your highest DPS pet in and hope for the best.

In summary, this is a fight where it’s best to fight fire with fire, or rather water with water. If you’ve got two good Aquatic damage pets, especially one with Pump, this isn’t too difficult, otherwise you might have to work a bit to finish him.

Only two Tamers left!

Only Two Tamers Left!

Take Two

This fight can be easily done for leveling purposes, if you have the right pets. You will likely want to swap in your leveling pet to take one of the Acidic Goos off the second pet. Your first pet should be something with very strong Aquatic damage. I’ve had good luck with everything from a Water Waveling to Legs. A double Pump team is ideal.

Your second pet should be a Turtle or a Strider. The one I use most often is a Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling which is harder to get than most turtles, but has a Beast attack, a Heal, and Pump. If your first pet is tough enough to take down the Elemental quickly, then the Heal is less important as you should get two Pumps off on the Strider pet and have your first level 25 take down the last 25% or so.


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