Taming Pandaria #6: Wasting Time!

Welcome to the Dread Wastes! Home of the giant bug people! Well, some of the giant bug people anyways.

Welcome to the Dread Wastes!
Home of the giant bug people! Well, the other giant bug people.

Two tamers left! And this one is right next to the flight master! None of that scouring the mountains and lakes to track down some recluse with a goodie bag. How about a quick introduction:

Meet the Tamer

Meet the "Undefeatable" Wastewalker Shu. You know, I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Meet the “Undefeatable” Wastewalker Shu.
You know, I don’t think that word means what you think it means!

Wastewalker Shu has, allegedly, been scouring the wastes in search of the perfect pet team. Which is much more effort than the last couple of Tamers. On the other hand, most of those pets he found are found, like, right near the edge of the wastes. So maybe it wasn’t as much work as he thinks it was. Except for the Elemental. That one’s a pain to get as you have to defeat its current owner.

The Abilities

Meet Crusher. He wants to crush you, but his owner won't let him use his claws!

Meet Crusher.
He wants to crush you, but his owner won’t let him use his claws!

Crusher is a giant crab. He has a heal (Renewing Mists) a charging Aquatic attack (Surge) and a big Aquatic attack that hits after a few turns (Whirlpool). As long as you can out damage his heal, he’s not that tough.

You can put a Flyer on him and try and time Lift-Off so that you don’t get hit with Whirlpool or you can put a different strong DPS pet, a Magic or Dragonkin with Tail-Swipe works well.

Meet Pounder. He's a handful!

Meet Pounder.
He’s a handful!

Pounder is an Elemental with strong Elemental, Flying, and Mechanical attacks on long cooldowns. Rupture is a strong Elemental attack with a 25% chance to stun. Earthquake does Mechanical damage to all of your pets over three turns, with the front pet taking more than the back two. Sandstorm hits your front pet with Flying damage, and has an interesting weather effect:

pandaria pet tamer 6 - sandstorm

Sandstorm lasts 9 rounds and reduces the amount all of your attacks hit for. It will completely blocks attack like Swarm. However Pounder, being an Elemental, doesn’t actually get to enjoy that effect.

The obvious choice to take down Pounder is a hard-hitting Aquatic pet, like the one you used to finish off the last Tamer. If you can, you should probably let your first pet stick around for the first round instead of swapping. This is so your Aquatic doesn’t get hit with a ton of Flying damage from Sandstorm. You should try and time any Avoidance abilities around the next Sandstorm though it may take some practice to get it right. If your pet also has a weather effect, that can make the fight a bit easier, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Meet Mutilator. Yet another Spiky Ball of Death!

Meet Mutilator.
Yet another Spiky Ball of Death!

Mutilator doesn’t have any unusual abilities. He just hits like a truck against most pets. He has a Spiked Skin which reduces the damage he takes (and also combines with any lingering effects from Sandstorm). His main attack is Powerball which does Critter damage and makes him super fast. He occasionally throws in a Counterstrike which does Humanoid damage that Dragonkin need to watch out for.

A hard hitting Mechanical can make this last guy easy. A Dragonkin with Tail-Swipe works well (if you can avoid Counterstrike), as does a Humanoid that does non-Humanoid damage. Flying pets don’t have their usual advantage and Undead pets should be careful. Any other strong DPS should do okay.

In summary, if you have a strong Aquatic pet that can beat up his Elemental, you’ve got the fight mostly finished. Matchup the other two pets and time your abilities correctly, and the fight isn’t too difficult. If you have trouble, remember, the stable master is nearby.

Only one Tamer left!

Only one Tamer left!

Take Two

Depending on your stable, using this fight for leveling purposes can be more involved than you’d think. His pets do a ton of damage and you need to mitigate that enough for your two Level 25s to take out his team.

You can lead with most low level pets, as his Crab usually casts its heal on the first turn. However, your pet will take some damage from his Earthquake attack, and Beasts will take extra damage, so you may need to be at least level 10 or so.

While I’m sure there is more than one way to take out this guy, my two pets are usually a strong Aquatic DPS (like a pump pet) and the good old Spawn of Onyxia with Tail-Swipe, Lift-Off and Healing Flame.

You should swap in your Dragonkin against the Crab. Your main damage will come from Tail Swipe. You want to let the first Whirlpool it casts hit and use Healing Flame to get some of your health back. You should save your Lift-Off to avoid the second Whirlpool and ideally the Crab should be dead shortly after that.

Let your Dragonkin take the (reduced) Flying damage from Sandstorm and use your Healing Flame again. Then swap in your Aquatic pet and beat up Pounder. You should most likely swap in your Spawn of Onyxia to beat his Spinny Death Ball using Healing Flame and Lift-Off to mitigate the damage from Counterstrike.

Ideally, your Dragonkin can take the last pet on its own, but if not, your Aquatic should be able to finish Mutilator.


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