Taming Pandaria #7: Showdown at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms!

The Valley of Eternal Blossoms: Time for the Final Showdown!

Time for the Final Showdown!

This last Tamer is tough, but gimmick-free. It can be fun to try and peel back the fight and find out on your own what works for you. Here’s what I’ve come up with, but there’s more than one way to handle this fight!

Meet the Tamer

Meet Aki the Chosen. She's got the cool pets and a sweet umbrella! No wonder they call her, "The Chosen."

Meet Aki the Chosen.
She’s got the cool pets and a sweet umbrella!
No wonder they call her, “The Chosen.”

Aki the Chosen is, apparently, guardian of the Giant Pond of the Emperor. She’s also keeper of the Ultimate Bag of Shinies, and defeating her unlocks the daily quests. The good news is, you don’t have to take over her job guarding the pond. The bad news is, even if you win, you still have to find your own Sweet Umbrella.

The Abilities

Meet Chirrup. The Grasshopper of Doom!

Meet Chirrup.
The Grasshopper of Doom!

Chirrup has two very strong heals and one attack: Swarm. In case you haven’t figured it out, you need a pet with a shield ability to take him down. It also should also hit hard enough to out damage his heals.

An Aquatic pet with a Beast ability, like a Crab or Turtle, is ideal, though other pets will work. One time, just for kicks, I brought a Level 14 Crab with Sandstorm up from another pet, and it was actually able to kill Chirrup. It took forever though.

Meet Stormlash. She's a lightning fast killer!

Meet Stormlash.
She’s a lightning fast killer!

Stormlash is a Dragonkin, which you haven’t seen in a long time. She also has one ability, Call Lightning which I hadn’t seen before the first time I fought her. Call Lightning hits your pet with a large amount of Mechanical damage and then add extra Mechanical damage to each attack you do.

If she is slower than your pet, this makes her (already strong) Tail Sweep hit extra hard. It also makes her very vulnerable to Swarm attacks. A pet with a shield ability or a weather effect can completely mitigate her Call Lightning ability as well. It’s your call how you want to take her on, but avoid using Magic, Beast or Flyer pets.

Meet Whiskers. He's hard to kill.

Meet Whiskers.
He’s hard to kill.

Whiskers is there to keep you from winning the fight by just ganging up on the first two pets. You need a third pet that matches up well to finish him. Whiskers also has the nasty habit of stringing together Survival with Dive and turning a close win into a close loss.

A Flyer works well (obviously), though a “tanky” pet with a heal can also wear down Whiskers. Again, it’s your call, but don’t think the fight is won just because you managed to finish off the big scary Dragon.

In summary, you need a blocking pet if you want to win. There are many different ways of taking down the Dragonkin, and that’s the hardest part of the fight, but you still need a good pet left over if you want to finish of Whiskers.

Congratulations, you just finished Taming Pandaria! Wanna go again?

Congratulations, you just finished Taming Pandaria!
Wanna go again?

Take Two

This fight can be used for leveling fairly easily. You can even start with a Level 2 or so as long as it isn’t accidentally killed by the first pet’s Swarm.

Hands down, the best pet for this fight is Anubisath Idol. Just pick Crush, Sandstorm and Deflection and you can slowly wear down the first two pets by yourself.

If you don’t have that pet (yet), you can still break it down using a Crab or Turtle with a Beast attack, a shield, and a heal to finish off her Critter and Aquatic pets. That leaves you with a few options for the Dragonkin. You can use a swarming Undead (like the Infected Squirrel) and that should be able to solo the Dragonkin even if it dies by the end of it.

If you have a hard hitting Humanoid, like the Pandaren Monk or Peddlefeet you should be able to take the Dragon down without dying. A pet with a weather effect or a shield can also cancel out the extra damage from the lightning storm, but Stormlash will still hit hard, especially if she attacks second.

Congrats on Taming Pandaria! (even if you’ve done so a long time ago).


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