Pandaren Spirit Tamer #2: Fire

These Spirit Tamers are all about the scenic out of the way locations!

These Spirit Tamers know all of the good scenic, out of the way locations!

The next Spirit Tamer is a bit easier than the previous one, but still a little tough. There is definitely more than one way to do this fight that works, I’m just showing you what I tend to use. It may take a few attempts if you want to try something new. On the bright side, you get a much better view than before while you’re figuring out the best way to take this guy down!

Meet the Tamer

Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer is oranger, and slightly more on fire than other Spirit Tamers.

Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer is oranger, and slightly more on fire than other Spirit Tamers.

I don’t know what to say here. Burning Spirit Tamer is on fire? And it looks like it’s got a cat’s head. Maybe? They seem to have no personality. It’s like an invasion of Vulcans, if Vulcans were 10 feet tall, on fire, and loved to play WoW-Pokemon!

The Abilities

Meet Crimson. For supposedly being a pyro, Crimson does alot of Flying damage.

Meet Crimson.
For being all pyro, Crimson sure does alot of Flying damage.

Depending on what you start out with, you’re likely to get Crimson first. Crimson’s first move is Cyclone which is designed to cut down any Aquatic pets you may be hiding back there. He then flies into the air with Take-Off which does more Flying damage. Then he hits you with Breath, which is a normal Dragonkin attack, until Cyclone is off of cooldown and he starts all over.

Begone, annoying Cyclone!

Begone, annoying Cyclone!

What you use, depends on your stable. It’s a very good idea, if you can, to open with a pet that has Tidal Wave (or its Elemental equivalent) as this can get rid of Cyclone immediately. You can then swap to a Humanoid pet that has Deterrence. This should allow your Humanoid to completely avoid getting hit by Lift-Off.

The ideal pet for this is Anubisath Idol as you can also pop Sandstorm and keep your back line from taking additional damage from Cyclone should Crimson use it again. I’ve also done well with Flayer Youngling. I’m sure other hard hitting Humanoids can also do well, even if they don’t have Deterrence.

Meet Pandaren Fire Spirit. It's hot stuff!

Meet Pandaren Fire Spirit.
It’s hot stuff!

Pandaren Fire Spirit is pretty much Fel Flame with a huge heal. Or I guess Lava Crab with Immolate. It has a large amount of burst damage from the Immolate + Conflagrate combo it does and can also uses Healing Flame after to cancel out a big hit.

If your first pet has Deterrence you should leave it in there for a bit. After the first Immolate, the Elemental always does Conflagrate and you can use Deterrence to cancel that out.

You should then bring in your Aquatic damage pet to burn through the Elemental. If you find that you’re taking too much damage from Cyclone you can use Water Waveling or a Snail pet as an alternative to an Aquatic pet. However, you will need at least one pet with a shield ability (or Sandstorm) to take out the last pet and a Crab or Turtle work very well at that. It kind of depends on how quickly you can kill that Dragonkin and what you’ve levelled.

Meet Glowy. Annoyance Rating: Low

Meet Glowy.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Glowy is EZ Mode if you have a pet with a blocking ability. Its abilities do almost no damage and if your pet has a self-heal you can actually finish with almost full health.

Oh hai there! Have you met my uber-leet crab yet?

Oh hai there! Have you met my uber-leet Crab yet?

In summary, you need a Humanoid, an Aquatic damage pet, and a pet with a Blocking ability to take this fight down. Look through your stable and figure out what you have that works and you’ll have the fight beat.

Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust!

Take Two

You can use this for leveling without really adding much difficulty. It mostly depends on your stable. Just remember that your leveling pet should have enough health to last through up to two Cyclones.

I tend to open with my leveling pet. You then swap to your Dragonkin killer just like I mentioned earlier. I can’t tell you how much easier this is if you have Anubisath Idol. It’s super-easy mode since Sandstorm will keep your back pets from dying as well as allow you to take on the Flying pet without any trouble. But other humanoid pets work well too.

The main thing is to kill the Dragonkin as quick as you can so you don’t have the Cyclone killing your back line. After that it’s easy as long as you have a good Aquatic damage pet to take on the Elemental. Then use your block pet to finish the fight.


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