Update Time

If you haven’t read the new Guide for Beasts of Fable you might want to start with that. Or not, It’s totally up to you. But the other thing you all are probably interested in is about wrangling down the PvP so I’ll start with that.

Pet Battle PvP

It was much more difficult this week than last week. I think alot of people brought their A game and since mine’s a B- at best, there were a number of close (and a few not-so-close) losses. Then the casuals started waking up at around 9:30 or 10 AM server and I could keep up again.

Blind Team

I started out with a few weird flying groups, like a Harpie + Qiraji Guardling just to see what it was like and that didn’t go well. So I took the winning team from last week: Eye of the Legion, Gilnean Raven, and Mr. Chilly, and played around with it a bit. Only instead of keeping the Eye (for the third weekend in a row), I swapped it out for a newly upgraded Festival Lantern with Burn, Flash, and Light.

So I would generally open with the Raven and Pop Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike, swap in my Penguin and use Slippery Ice and Ice Lance. And then they’d be taking double Elemental damage and have an extra 30% reduced chance to hit my team.

This worked pretty well. Well enough to get me at least half of my wins. Even the pro players were thrown enough that I could usually steal one win away even if they had it figured out for the rematch. You would think that Dragonkin would be the weakest link, but Call Darkness managed to keep them in check if they only had one. And having a magic pet that would suddenly start popping Elemental damage three turns in, like the Lantern did, really threw the Mechanical teams off. I did really well overall against the Undead + Flying and Mechanical heavy teams I was seeing.

Fresh Ideas

Then I started to see teams with a double swap, and an Anubisath Idol with Sandstorm + a really fast Hopling and I didn’t do so hot. Swapping in the Eye of the Legion from last week wasn’t enough to start winning again and I decided to try and build another team.

What didn’t work this week:

  • Festival Lantern + Pandaren Earth and Water Spirits. Didn’t try this for too long, but the Mud Slide was supposed to stop the double swap teams I was seeing from using Crawling Claw and Fiendish Imp or Bone Spider to wear me out. Of course, then I stopped seeing the swap teams as much. And it didn’t matter as I didn’t have the firepower to shut them down. I did manage to wipe the floor with a double Mechanical team, at least.
  • Scourged Whelpling/Wolpertinger + Rapana Whelk/Ghostly Skull + Blighted Squirrel / Infected Fawn. I was still being beaten up by that double humanoid team and I tried Undead heavy and a few critter heavy teams and nothing was working. Then they disappeared for an hour or so and I started winning again.

What did work:

  • Living Sandling + Festival Lantern + Eye of the Legion. I brought out the Sandling to try and help with a Celestial Dragon + Spawn of Onyxia team and it kind of worked. An elemental that could punch threw them off balance. The sandstorm and quicksand slowed them down and since one of them at least used Moonlight often, that actually helped my other two pets.
  • Tide Skipper + Festival Lantern + Living Sandling. Having an Aquatic that looks and hits like a Humanoid threw off the Undead teams a bit. Same for the Dragonkin teams. Then I started seeing stuff that threw me for a loop, like a scourgling + humanoid or triple swap teams and I started losing narrowly a few times in a row.
  • Clouded Hedgehog + Festival Lantern + Jade Crane Chick. This lineup is weird enough that I think it just managed to confuse them as much as anything. I flat out stole a win by having my blind cause them to miss two killing blows. But there were two highlights: 1) When I beat a double dragonkin team with my Flying + Magic team. I managed to get Shattered Defenses up and swapped in my Hedgehog to Counterstrike one to death, and my Lantern wore the second one down enough for my Hedgehog to finish them. And 2) when I finally beat up that double Humanoid team (that had picked up a Rabbit with Dodge + Burrow for fun). I got a bit of luck in that they had no Mechanical and therefore no answer to my Beast pet.

Long Story Short

You can find a good team but as soon as you start winning with it, they’re gonna swap it up on you. That being said, I think my Blind team and the Hedgehog team might be something to keep in mind for next week.

Raiding With Leashes II

I didn’t raid Kara, though I hit SSC on the one toon that could clear it, and TK on three toons and I didn’t get a single pet. The shadow pet from TK is getting around 2-3000 on the AH, but that would still leave the Coilfang pet from Vashj. I’ll just run it again next week.

Pet Collecting

I managed to tame a rare Kun’lai Runt (finally), and an Amber Moth. Had some key upgrades, including my Festival Lantern, the Perky Pug (which I’ve sadly neglected), the Tiny Flamefly, and the Tiny Goldfish. I’m capped out completely for Undead and Dragonkin upgrades, which is frustrating as those stones dropped as well. I played the AH a bit and managed to pick up two Tiny Carps for 2.5k each. That just leaves the Red Carp to try and Fish or Purchase. Also have two pets from the 2.2 raid that I could go for, although they’re weighing in at 8-10k for now. That’s too pricey for me right now.


Beasts of Fable III: The Tough Trio

These last three are quite a bit more difficult, but they’re still not that bad if you have the right pets. If you’re going to skip one group though, these might as well be them.

Just a reminder: Elite pets are Elite.

Just a reminder: Elite pets are Elite.


Meet No-No and Family.

Meet No-No and Family.

No-No is a tough customer at the best of times. She doesn’t have heals, she just hits very hard and the order in which she does her abilities is hard to predict.

The Abilities

No-no - abilities

Tail Slap hits very hard, Dive hits hard and lets her avoid your best attacks, and Beaver Dam tends to be used at the most inconvenient times. This makes her one slippery character.

Choose Wisely

It’s obvious you’re going to need some Flying pets with firepower, however, the way that she times her abilities makes it harder than usual to use Shattered Defenses to win.

Squawk to slow her down and use Flock to break through her dam.

Use Squawk to slow her down and use Flock to break through her dam.

The easiest way to keep up the debuff, is to just keep using Flock with your first pet. This has the added bonus of breaking down her dam quickly so she has less chance to avoid or block the attacks of your second pet.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

You need a bursty Flying pet to make the most of the Shattered Defenses debuff. After that, any good Flying attacker should be able to finish her off.


Gorespine is slightly different from the other Beast BoFs, but not all that different.

The Abilities


He has a bleed and a spiky shell, which makes it a fairly bad idea to use Call Lightning or a Swarm type ability. He also has a hard hitting Critter attack to go with his bleed.

Choose Wisely

Darkmoon Tonk says: 'Hai there, I got a surprise for you!'

Darkmoon Tonk says: ‘Hai there, I got a surprise for you!’

Bring two hard hitting Mechanicals and this guy is relatively easy. If you don’t know by now, see Kafi and Greyhoof for further details.

Ti’un the Wanderer

Ti'un the wanderer

I’ve saved the hardest for last, and let me tell you, Ti’un the Wanderer is one tough nut to crack. He doesn’t heal, which is a very good thing, but his shell shield makes him invulnerable to most small attacks.

The Abilities

Ti'un the wanderer - abilities

It’s very hard to predict when he’ll use his abilities. He has Shell Shield which he doesn’t decide to use until later on in the fight; usually just after you’ve started any swarm abilities. He has Pump which he’ll sometimes use early but often will save until your pet’s health is low enough that it can finish it. Every other turn he just uses Tidal Wave to wipe your entire team down very slowly.

Choose Wisely

Bring magic pets to keep him from washing your team away.

Bring magic pets to keep him from washing your team away.

All of his attacks are Aquatic, so bringing a team of magic pets is the key. They should be hard hitting pets as his shell completely absorbs DoTs, Flurry, and any other moderate to small attacks.


Legs is a very good choice for this as you take reduced damage and can hit him with Pump and Surge of Power on consecutive turns. I sometimes start with Legs just to “Prime” the pump, then switch to a Fox/Wolf to Howl and then swap and hit him with an attack buffed by Shattered Defenses.

If you have three hard hitting magic pets, a pet with Shattered Defenses isn’t required, but it does make the fight a bit easier. In any case, don’t worry to much about type of damage, just make sure it hits hard enough to get through his shell.



I hope this has given you all some ideas about how to approach these BoF quests. There are lots of different ways you can take them down depending on your stable, and you can practice your strategies on them even if you’re not doing the quest, so feel free to try and find out what works best for you!

Beasts of Fable II: The Easy Threesome

This next batch is probably the fastest and easiest to get to if you just want to knock down one of these a day. That being said, they’re still Elite, so you still need a good choice of pets if you want to take them down.


Lucky Yi

Do you feel lucky, Yi?

Do you feel lucky, Yi?

Lucky Yi is a fast Critter that always hits first, can heal pretty well, and often crits you. But all you need is a good Beast damage combo to beat him.

Choose Wisely

Say hello to my little friend!

Say hello to my little friend!

Whadda know, it’s just like the Big Friendly Caterpillar from BoF I: Bleed, Crouch, and Stampede to win.

Squirrels win again

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, bring a pet with Maul:

Press '3' to Finish Him!

Press ‘3’ to Finish Him!

You have much to learn, Grasshopper!

You have much to learn, Grasshopper!



Greyhoof is like Kafi only with better real estate. Also, doesn’t have that annoying ability that makes him move faster.

The Abilities

Greyhoof - Abilities

He starts out hitting very hard, then buffs himself to hit even harder! If you have a pet that can slow him down or speed your team up, bring it to avoid the occasional stun. Otherwise, just bring your hardest hitting Mechanicals.

Choose Wisely

Darkmoon Zepplin

Darkmoon Tonk

I knew there was a reason why I let them shoot me out of a cannon several hundred times at the Darkmoon Faire. I just couldn’t remember what it was!

Skitterer Xi’a

Skitterer Xi'a

Skitterer Xi’a is probably the hardest of the three. He’s got two hard hitting Critter attacks and one hard hitting Aquatic attack, but nothing too devastating and no heals.

Choose Wisely


Ideally, you’d use a Humanoid that does Flying damage to reduce the damage you take. But you can bring any three hard hitting Flyers, including one that has Flock, and you should do okay.


Much faster and a bit easier than Beasts of Fable I. You should be able to fit this into your daily schedule even if you don’t feel like flying all over Pandaria to do the rest.

Beasts of Fable I: The Fantabulous Four

So I thought I’d go ahead and do a write up for the Beasts of Fable (BoF) quests. This is more about how I go about doing them than the absolute best method because there’s more than one way to handle these. They had a huge boost in the last patch which makes them a less trivial than before.


Why do you want to do these quests? Well in addition to the super cute panda pets, the gossip on Wowhead says that these have a much better chance of getting you an upgrade stone than the Spirits or Tamer bags, which is cool! Let’s go through them shall we?


Want kind of fable has this guy in it?

Meet Nitun
Want kind of fable has this guy in it?

Like most of the BoFs that heal, Nitun can be a real pain. He’s a Critter that does massive amounts of beast damage, and if he kills your pet with Ravage, he gets back 30% of his health.

The Abilities

Nitun Stats

Rake reduces your next attack by 50%, Prowl increases his next attack by 150% (and lasts up to two turns), and Ravage lasts two turns, hits extra hard and heals him when he kills your pet with it. He also has massive amounts of power, is pretty fast, and has a ton of health.

Choose Wisely

Bossy the Fox buffs your team.

Bossy buffs your team.

Bessie is fast, mean, and takes out Critters.

Bessie is fast, mean, and takes out Critters with ease!

Like many of the BoFs, an easy way to take down Nitun is through abuse of Shattered Defenses. Since he is a Critter that does all Beast damage, a good counter is a team of Flyers that do Beast damage. So you can open with either a Flock pet or a Wolf/Fox pet to buff your team and debuff Nitun. You may choose to let the first pet get eaten, as this times it so your next pet gets two full turns with the debuff up, but you should swap your other pets before they’re dead as he heals himself when he kills them.

Ka’wi the Gorger

ka'wi the gorger

Ka’wi the Gorger is a bit easier than most of the BoFs, mainly because there’s no heals to worry about. Still, she’s a big caterpillar thing that spits goo and shoots moth balls at you. Not exactly a fun time.

The Abilities

ka'wi the gorger - abilities

The good news is that Ka’wi is another Critter. The bad news is she does all kinds of Flying damage in addition to Critter damage, so you can’t just pick on her with one pet type. Also, because of Sticky Goo you can’t do constant swaps and try and abuse Shattered Defenses that way.

Choose Wisely


The pet of the match for this is a fast (>281 speed) Squirrel or Woodchuck. You start with a bleed debuff. Crouch, and then Stampede in order to put up the Shattered Defenses debuff. Rinse, repeat, and Ka’wi will go down quickly.

Squirrel = Winning!

Squirrel = Winning!

For extra points, you can bring in a pet that does Maul and finish her off, but by then she should be pretty much dead so it won’t matter.

Maul her? I barely know her!

Maul her? I only just met her!


Dos-Ryga - stats

Of all the BoFs, Dos-Ryga probably gives people the most grief. He does a ton of damage, both Aquatic and Dragonkin, and has a ton of healing.

Choose Wisely

Squawk and Flock to bring him down to size.

Squawk and Flock to bring him down to size.

An Undead with Flying damage is ideal, but Reckless Strike is the key.

An Undead with Flying damage is ideal, but Reckless Strike is the key.

Call Darkness is helpful to cut down on the heals. But not required.

Call Darkness is helpful to cut down on the heals. But not required.

You are going to need three good pets for this one. One of them (like a flock pet or a fox) should put on Shattered Defenses and the other two can hit Dos-Ryga with Reckless Strike for a huge chunk of health. The sad thing is, that he’ll heal much of it back so it may take two pets with Reckless Strike to really kill him.

A Gilnean Raven can help, but you really need Shattered Defenses + 1-2 big hits to keep him from out healing your attacks. Call Darkness can help make up for it if you miss, however.


This Kafi is stronger than it looks.

Kafi is stronger than he looks.

Kafi is about typical for a Beast of Fable. Which means he’s stronger and faster than your whole team put together!

The Abilities

Kafi - abilities

Tons of Beast damage, a Beast damage with a speed buff, and some extra Beast damage. While you can try and put a Flyer on him to reduce the damage, your best bet it to just burn him down quickly.

Choose Wisely

Debuff and Batter him with a Cogblade Raptor.

Debuff and Batter him with a Cogblade Raptor.

Having a Darkmoon Tonk means never having to say you're sorry.

Having a Darkmoon Tonk means never having to say you’re sorry.

Bring a fox and hit him as hard as you can.

Bring a fox and hit him as hard as you can.

So the plan is to just bring your hardest hitting Mechanicals and beat him into submission. If you want to get fancy, bring a pet with Shattered Defenses and make your Tonk (or whatever) hit him that much harder. As long as you have enough Mechanicals in your stable, flying out there is the hardest part.


There are some tough pets here, but they are balanced by some relatively easy ones. These fights are more about choosing the right pets than any kind of tactics. You can do a bit of fancy stuff by choosing a Bleed + Maul team, or a Shattered Defenses + Reckless Strike team, to build a combo, it’s less important than picking pets that do extra damage against the BoF you’re fighting. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to do these and you can get some cute pets or a nice upgrade stone as a reward.

Nik’s Big Weekend

Well, I had more time on my hands this weekend than is probably good for me. I had a large number of productive things in store, and I did some of them (no really!) but I also took an extended WoW vacation. Let’s hit the highlights:



This massive achievement is finally mine after this epic capture. After logging in around 6 AM server Friday morning (which is a more reasonable 8 PM in my timezone), and seeing at least a dozen campers, I decided I wasn’t going to spend my limited play time soaking up the bug riddled atmosphere of Silithus.

So I dropped a Blingtron just to see if the dedicated few would show any signs of life (a few did) and went on to hit up the raids. Friday evening (so 10 AM Saturday for me) there were easily 30 or more hanging out in Silithus. It was like a Pet tamer’s Woodstock man! People were actually talking in General about pet taming stuff. There were even one or two guys clearing critters in Ahn’Qiraj to try and force a random spawn.

Well I still didn’t join them exactly, but decided to try my luck getting a Rare pet spawn from the Silithus population (which I did). Thirty minutes later, someone in General chat for Silithus was like: “Did Blizzard suddenly up the spawn rate or something, I’ve never seen this many.” Surely enough, one of those mythical “huge spawns” that hit every six hours had just happened.

I flew all the way to the Scarab wall and picked up a Poor quality Guardling. There were a half dozen still around and not very many tamers since they were all still hanging in AQ instead of Silithus and didn’t hear the guy in General! I mentioned it in General there rather than trying to farm up a Rare, because I’m a good person, and celebrated with the other campers who had also picked up Zookeeper.

The sad thing is, I was out of Rare stones and had to settle for an Uncommon one I farmed up earlier. Okay, I’m not that sad about it.

Some of you might be asking: Whadda mean you’re out of pet stones, you’ve had all year to farm for it!

An excellent question, where did that Upgrade stone I’ve been saving disappear to?

That Darn Val’kyr

Unborn Val'kyr

While all of the Über Dedicated tamers were hanging out in Silithus on Friday, I decided to try my luck in Northrend. That decision paid off in spades because, as I checked one of the spawn points in Grizzly Hills, That Darn Val’kyr finally showed up! I’d had a Marked Flawless Battle Stone with her name on it for weeks.

The tame was a very near thing actually because my overeager Arctic Fox managed to crit her to death! Fortunately, she did the undead rez thing and my capture on the next turn worked! I would have been very unhappy if it hadn’t…

So it was Saturday afternoon-ish and I’d managed to cross two of the toughest tames off Nik’s bucket list. Did I do the smart thing and quit while I was ahead? Hell No! I don’t call it an obsession for nothing!!

So what else did I do:

Raiding With Leashes II

Actually, that was pretty much a bust. Freakin’ SSC nearly broke me. I gave Vashj the ole college try on my mage and she still had 50+ stacks going into Phase III, which is too much for Nik the Heratik (though my DK can still take her at 99). So I get one shot a week and it’s no dice this week.

I also have one pet left in TK but at least I get three shots at Solarian. On the bright side I did pick up a little Impy that was lying around in Karazhan, so I’m officially done with that place, and I also picked up the Pocket Void Reaver after bringing my druid.

Illhoof Imp

But let’s be honest, there’s no way I was gonna get all four pets I had left after dropping so much RNG to get both the Val’kyr and the Qiraji Guardling. Not gonna happen.

In other news, the Direhorn Runt was now going for 1K on the Auction House, so I picked one up too.

Direhorn Runt

Pet Battle PvP

You’d think I’d have burned my whole weekend at this point, but I managed to cram alot of epic stuff in a short period. So I managed to get my 10 wins in as usual. I even dinged an alt 87 while doing so. This week wasn’t nearly as brutal (at least not in level 25s).

After trying to get fancy and break out some elemental combo that wasn’t working, I revisited the team from last week. I kept rolling with Eye of the Legion, but instead of Mountain Panda and Wolpertinger, I used Gilnean Raven and Mr. Chilly to fill out the team. This worked surprisingly well. The combo of Darkness + Slippery Ice gave the enemy team and extra 30% chance to miss which frustrated some of the players and let me steal a couple of wins that I otherwise might not have got. They also match up really well against the Dragonkin and Mechanical heavy teams I’ve been seeing.

No Time To Heal

I also wasted a few hours going for this achievement. I tried taking in some really strong lowbie pets and just beating up some newbies to get that five in a row, but it was tough. I’d build up a streak of two or three and then some other hotshot with the same idea would show up with a Celestial Dragon or Lil’ Taragosa combo (seriously, who doesn’t get these pets to 25 ASAP?) and I’d be back at square one.

I tried a heavy self healing team (with Sunfur Panda, Pterrordax Hatchling, Phoenix Hatchling) and that felt like trolling, but it worked for a bit. Then someone I’d beaten up a couple of times switched in their own Phoenix Hatchling combo and I was back to square one.

One odd thing I noticed is that, while the number goes down when you lose, it seems to not reset it self if you win and a pet dies. So maybe that’s the compromise Blizzard made where if you keep winning you don’t get it reset even if you still have to win without losing a pet to make the number go up. I don’t know it’s just a really stupid hard achievement for only being worth 10 points.

Brawler’s Guild

I finally cashed in my Brawler’s Guild invite from 5 months ago and started doing that on my Death Knight. It’s actually alot of fun. The fights are sometimes a bit gimmicky, but it’s sometimes more fun watching them than winning or losing. There was this one miniboss, Blingtron 3000, that had wiped out a few players earlier. Then a smart warrior came in with the solution which was to basically chain together all of the little Blingtron 2000 adds that spawn, and hook them into a Capacitor in the corner to electrocute him. It was gobsmacking watching someone pull that off.

So yeah, I’m at level three and need a few more wins to get the pet from there. At some point, I’m sure I’ll hit the gear wall, but I don’t think that’s until level 6 or so and it’ll be a heck of alot more fun than trying to beat up newbies in order to snatch a measly 10 point achievement.

This was an epic weekend and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Even though I got sore and had to stop and do some IRL stuff Sunday afternoon. It makes me remember (once again) why I like this game so much. Even solo the payoff is huge when the stars align and that thing you’ve been working for finally happens.

Two weeks later…


My WoW play time has been cut back a bit, mostly due to work, so I’ve just not had as much to talk about. I’ve had about three really long sessions on the weekends and hardly any time during the week. Here’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll probably have pictures later on, but for now, begin huge wall of text:


I put in a large amount of time on my mage and got the tokens I needed to buy Ghaz’rooki in one session. It was a little grueling, mainly because of the bug that only showed you where the resource dumps were some of the time, but it was less grueling than the Spectral Porcupette. So in short, the new daily quests were fun, I liked the scenarios so far, and I hope to finish them eventually.

Raiding With Leashes II

You’d think I’d have it all done with five toons that can clear Karazhan and three toons that can completely or almost clear Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. But no, I still need Illhoof to drop his Fiendish Imp, Vashj (that “witch with a B”) to drop her Coilfang Stalker and freakin Loot Reaver and Crazy Mind-Control Chick to drop her shadow pet.

Vashj Troubles

Vashj seems to be the deal breaker for this achievement as she has both the hardest fight and the lowest drop rate for her pet. I can consistently down her on my DK in Blood spec but I can’t keep her from maxing out to 99 stacks so I had to be able to handle alot of damage. I tried it on my (very poorly geared) Druid and he was fear bombed to uselessness in Phase II. I was able to get through Phase II very well with my Frost mage. I just stuck my Water Elemental on the Warrior pet and used Deep Freeze and Ice Lance on the Stalker pet.

However, 60 stacks was too much damage for my (poorly geared) mage to handle. I’ve read some strats that tell me to concentrate more on the elementals coming in and I’ll likely do that at some point, but I didn’t feel like spending the extra hour figuring the fight out.

Tempest Keep

The three pet bosses in TK are soloable, but I haven’t even tried Void Reaver on my caster classes as the silence mechanic would be too much for them. Easily done on a druid or a DK. Solarian is very tricky unless you have a pet class as she mind controls you which resets the fight. My DK could pop Army of the Dead and burn her down, my mage had his water elemental, and I specced my druid into Treants which attacked her while I was being MC’ed. The most tedious part of the fight was clearing the entire room before that.

Only my DK can clear Kaelthas mainly because the phase where you fight the entire Council is very tough. That passive healing and army of the dead helps, though I was able to slowly pick them off one by one as long as I had my passive heal up.

Collecting updates

Unborn Val’kyr

Haven’t caught one yet. Been logging in and check the spawn points on the East side of Northrend and no luck. Also camped a single spot for a few hours while doing pet battle PvP. I have seen a few Scourged Whelpling spawns while flying so it seems Blizzard made good on their claim. I’m not really sure if it’s worth all the bother, but it’s something to look for.

Pet Treats are Awesome

If you’re very quick, you can pop one of the new pet treats (from the spirit beast quests) that give you 25-50% extra experience. You can then clear all of the Pandaria tamers in just under an hour. This can give you up to 7-8k experience on your leveling pets and the time crunch almost keeps things interesting. I also came across (through Lio or another blogger) this Cheat Sheet that is very helpful. I still use mostly the same strats I’ve mentioned for the tamers, but the tip to use a fast rabbit on Major Payne was very helpful and a bit better than what I was doing.

Gotta catch them all!

So I’ve basically been leveling and using my stones to upgrade rare pets that I can’t catch.

Pet stone upgrades include:

  • Coral Adder. This is one of those pets that is very hard to find rare due to the limited number of spawns.
  • Jade Crane Chick. This is the extra special Pandaren pet that only comes in uncommon.
  • Mr. Chilly. Slightly cuter than Pengu but only available in Uncommon quality… until now!

I’ve also finally caught these rares:

I’m sure I’m missing a few that I’ve gone after, mostly in Kun-Lai, but these are the ones that stick out to me as being especially interesting or annoying. Fjord Rat, Amber Moth, Devouring Maggot, and a Rare Kunlai Runt are also eluding me, but that’s partly because I haven’t had time to really focus on them. I also plan on trying to just get more stones if I can as it seems easier in the long run.

Pet Battle PvP

I’ve done this more than I have in the past, but it’s probably the bottom of my priority list when it comes to pets. I think the best tip I’ve heard is to try and battle during peak times, rather than the middle of the night, as that’s when the less “hard core” players are on and you have a chance to string together some wins.

Pet Teams I’ve Used

I tried to break out a Call Darkness combo with a Crow and it seems like the hard core players I was up against at the time had seen it before and were ready. So I stole maybe one of my 10 wins for the week from that.

Then I swapped to my Critter kill team from before: Nether Roach, Wolpertinger, and Rapana Whelk. That didn’t do as well this week and I only got two wins from that. I think I swapped out the Roach for the new Rabbit pet and brought in my Pandaren Water spirit to get another win, but I’m not sure.

The worst was when I came up against this all healy elemental team that had a Sunflower, a Flowering Ancient, and a Terrible Turnip and at least two of the three were popping the sunny weather effect. It felt like a classic troll as the fights took three times longer and you knew the second you broke out the two Aquatics with Rainy weather you’d need to take them down, they’d leave the pool and you’d lose to the next guy.

I swapped in a Sea Pony for the Whelk but didn’t select the Rainy weather and lost less badly. Then I chose the rainy effect and managed to lose by only one pet. I still needed a third Aquatic to win and that was about the time I stopped seeing that lineup.

Lineup of the Week

I finally started winning the last 6-7 for the week around 10:30-11 AM server (which is late in Aussie time) but part of that was due to the new lineup. I’d dropped two of my critters and instead went with Wolpertinger, Mountain Panda, and an Eye of the Legion. The panda had Scratch, Rock Barrage, and Mudslide and the Eye of the Legion had Shadow Slash, Gravity, an Soul Ward.

The Eye of the Legion threw off alot of opponents because it could deal very well with Flying, Humanoid, and Dragonkin attackers. Gravity kept them from swapping at will and Soul Ward absorbed the bursty attacks most opponents seem to favor. The Mountain Panda was also good at preventing swaps and it could deal very well with Undead (like that darn Val’kyr), and Humanoid, and wasn’t really weak against any pets that were commonly used. If I ran into a Mechanical, I’d just drop a Rock Barrage and swap.

The lineup even did well against another annoying team I’d fought earlier: Anubiseth Idol and Flayer Youngling. They were running a double Avoidance strategy but couldn’t swap out against the Eye of the Legion and had to deal with rocks and mud as well. Also, the Wolpertinger is still very cool as long as you’re faster than them as it’s both bursty and causes them to lose turns.

Wrapping it Up

I’ve had a busy two weeks but not enough free time to play much WoW and also blog about it. I still haven’t done a writeup on the Spirit pets. I like the changes to them, since they’re no longer a joke even if they aren’t super tough, but most tamers should figure out a strat that works for them in any case. See ya in a few weeks!