Beasts of Fable III: The Tough Trio

These last three are quite a bit more difficult, but they’re still not that bad if you have the right pets. If you’re going to skip one group though, these might as well be them.

Just a reminder: Elite pets are Elite.

Just a reminder: Elite pets are Elite.


Meet No-No and Family.

Meet No-No and Family.

No-No is a tough customer at the best of times. She doesn’t have heals, she just hits very hard and the order in which she does her abilities is hard to predict.

The Abilities

No-no - abilities

Tail Slap hits very hard, Dive hits hard and lets her avoid your best attacks, and Beaver Dam tends to be used at the most inconvenient times. This makes her one slippery character.

Choose Wisely

It’s obvious you’re going to need some Flying pets with firepower, however, the way that she times her abilities makes it harder than usual to use Shattered Defenses to win.

Squawk to slow her down and use Flock to break through her dam.

Use Squawk to slow her down and use Flock to break through her dam.

The easiest way to keep up the debuff, is to just keep using Flock with your first pet. This has the added bonus of breaking down her dam quickly so she has less chance to avoid or block the attacks of your second pet.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

You need a bursty Flying pet to make the most of the Shattered Defenses debuff. After that, any good Flying attacker should be able to finish her off.


Gorespine is slightly different from the other Beast BoFs, but not all that different.

The Abilities


He has a bleed and a spiky shell, which makes it a fairly bad idea to use Call Lightning or a Swarm type ability. He also has a hard hitting Critter attack to go with his bleed.

Choose Wisely

Darkmoon Tonk says: 'Hai there, I got a surprise for you!'

Darkmoon Tonk says: ‘Hai there, I got a surprise for you!’

Bring two hard hitting Mechanicals and this guy is relatively easy. If you don’t know by now, see Kafi and Greyhoof for further details.

Ti’un the Wanderer

Ti'un the wanderer

I’ve saved the hardest for last, and let me tell you, Ti’un the Wanderer is one tough nut to crack. He doesn’t heal, which is a very good thing, but his shell shield makes him invulnerable to most small attacks.

The Abilities

Ti'un the wanderer - abilities

It’s very hard to predict when he’ll use his abilities. He has Shell Shield which he doesn’t decide to use until later on in the fight; usually just after you’ve started any swarm abilities. He has Pump which he’ll sometimes use early but often will save until your pet’s health is low enough that it can finish it. Every other turn he just uses Tidal Wave to wipe your entire team down very slowly.

Choose Wisely

Bring magic pets to keep him from washing your team away.

Bring magic pets to keep him from washing your team away.

All of his attacks are Aquatic, so bringing a team of magic pets is the key. They should be hard hitting pets as his shell completely absorbs DoTs, Flurry, and any other moderate to small attacks.


Legs is a very good choice for this as you take reduced damage and can hit him with Pump and Surge of Power on consecutive turns. I sometimes start with Legs just to “Prime” the pump, then switch to a Fox/Wolf to Howl and then swap and hit him with an attack buffed by Shattered Defenses.

If you have three hard hitting magic pets, a pet with Shattered Defenses isn’t required, but it does make the fight a bit easier. In any case, don’t worry to much about type of damage, just make sure it hits hard enough to get through his shell.



I hope this has given you all some ideas about how to approach these BoF quests. There are lots of different ways you can take them down depending on your stable, and you can practice your strategies on them even if you’re not doing the quest, so feel free to try and find out what works best for you!


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