Update Time

If you haven’t read the new Guide for Beasts of Fable you might want to start with that. Or not, It’s totally up to you. But the other thing you all are probably interested in is about wrangling down the PvP so I’ll start with that.

Pet Battle PvP

It was much more difficult this week than last week. I think alot of people brought their A game and since mine’s a B- at best, there were a number of close (and a few not-so-close) losses. Then the casuals started waking up at around 9:30 or 10 AM server and I could keep up again.

Blind Team

I started out with a few weird flying groups, like a Harpie + Qiraji Guardling just to see what it was like and that didn’t go well. So I took the winning team from last week: Eye of the Legion, Gilnean Raven, and Mr. Chilly, and played around with it a bit. Only instead of keeping the Eye (for the third weekend in a row), I swapped it out for a newly upgraded Festival Lantern with Burn, Flash, and Light.

So I would generally open with the Raven and Pop Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike, swap in my Penguin and use Slippery Ice and Ice Lance. And then they’d be taking double Elemental damage and have an extra 30% reduced chance to hit my team.

This worked pretty well. Well enough to get me at least half of my wins. Even the pro players were thrown enough that I could usually steal one win away even if they had it figured out for the rematch. You would think that Dragonkin would be the weakest link, but Call Darkness managed to keep them in check if they only had one. And having a magic pet that would suddenly start popping Elemental damage three turns in, like the Lantern did, really threw the Mechanical teams off. I did really well overall against the Undead + Flying and Mechanical heavy teams I was seeing.

Fresh Ideas

Then I started to see teams with a double swap, and an Anubisath Idol with Sandstorm + a really fast Hopling and I didn’t do so hot. Swapping in the Eye of the Legion from last week wasn’t enough to start winning again and I decided to try and build another team.

What didn’t work this week:

  • Festival Lantern + Pandaren Earth and Water Spirits. Didn’t try this for too long, but the Mud Slide was supposed to stop the double swap teams I was seeing from using Crawling Claw and Fiendish Imp or Bone Spider to wear me out. Of course, then I stopped seeing the swap teams as much. And it didn’t matter as I didn’t have the firepower to shut them down. I did manage to wipe the floor with a double Mechanical team, at least.
  • Scourged Whelpling/Wolpertinger + Rapana Whelk/Ghostly Skull + Blighted Squirrel / Infected Fawn. I was still being beaten up by that double humanoid team and I tried Undead heavy and a few critter heavy teams and nothing was working. Then they disappeared for an hour or so and I started winning again.

What did work:

  • Living Sandling + Festival Lantern + Eye of the Legion. I brought out the Sandling to try and help with a Celestial Dragon + Spawn of Onyxia team and it kind of worked. An elemental that could punch threw them off balance. The sandstorm and quicksand slowed them down and since one of them at least used Moonlight often, that actually helped my other two pets.
  • Tide Skipper + Festival Lantern + Living Sandling. Having an Aquatic that looks and hits like a Humanoid threw off the Undead teams a bit. Same for the Dragonkin teams. Then I started seeing stuff that threw me for a loop, like a scourgling + humanoid or triple swap teams and I started losing narrowly a few times in a row.
  • Clouded Hedgehog + Festival Lantern + Jade Crane Chick. This lineup is weird enough that I think it just managed to confuse them as much as anything. I flat out stole a win by having my blind cause them to miss two killing blows. But there were two highlights: 1) When I beat a double dragonkin team with my Flying + Magic team. I managed to get Shattered Defenses up and swapped in my Hedgehog to Counterstrike one to death, and my Lantern wore the second one down enough for my Hedgehog to finish them. And 2) when I finally beat up that double Humanoid team (that had picked up a Rabbit with Dodge + Burrow for fun). I got a bit of luck in that they had no Mechanical and therefore no answer to my Beast pet.

Long Story Short

You can find a good team but as soon as you start winning with it, they’re gonna swap it up on you. That being said, I think my Blind team and the Hedgehog team might be something to keep in mind for next week.

Raiding With Leashes II

I didn’t raid Kara, though I hit SSC on the one toon that could clear it, and TK on three toons and I didn’t get a single pet. The shadow pet from TK is getting around 2-3000 on the AH, but that would still leave the Coilfang pet from Vashj. I’ll just run it again next week.

Pet Collecting

I managed to tame a rare Kun’lai Runt (finally), and an Amber Moth. Had some key upgrades, including my Festival Lantern, the Perky Pug (which I’ve sadly neglected), the Tiny Flamefly, and the Tiny Goldfish. I’m capped out completely for Undead and Dragonkin upgrades, which is frustrating as those stones dropped as well. I played the AH a bit and managed to pick up two Tiny Carps for 2.5k each. That just leaves the Red Carp to try and Fish or Purchase. Also have two pets from the 2.2 raid that I could go for, although they’re weighing in at 8-10k for now. That’s too pricey for me right now.


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