Pet Notebook #6: Cataclysm Edition

I won’t say that you should skip all of these zones. There are a number of pets with interesting models and a few really cool and unique pets. But the Cataclysm zones have fewer “must have” pets than the other zones, and you could probably step right onto the boat to Pandaria and be able to fill in those holes with a few good captures. In any case, let’s look at it zone-by-zone:


If there’s one zone you need to visit, it’s Deepholm. And here’s what you should be looking for while you’re there.

Fungal Moth

Fungal Moth: this Flyer isn’t any different from any of the other moths, but you may not have found a good Rare moth yet, and there are plenty of Moths here for the taking. Try and find the Speed or Stam/Speed breed if you can, but any rare will do in a pinch.

Crimson Geode

Crimson Geode: this Elemental is worth farming for a rare as it has some very cool damage abilities. Try to get the pure Power breed or one of the Stam/Power or Stam/Speed breeds if you can. Anything but the pure Stam is good.

Crimson Shale Hatchling

Crimson Shale Hatchling: this Elemental is a tanky variation on a spider pet. It holds up pretty well and is easy to level, though not all that useful against the later tamers. The Crimson and Topaz all come in variable Stamina breeds, while the Amethyst and Emerald can come in any of the nine breeds.

This probably isn’t important when you’re just building up a stable, but it may be helpful if you’re farming for a specific addition to your PvP pet squad.

Mount Hyjal

Nordrassil Wisp

Nordrassil Wisp: this Magic pet can be useful against the later tamers, especially if you don’t already have a Magic Lamp or Festival Lantern levelled up.

The other pets here are just variations on pets you may already have, for the most part. It may be worth farming for to fill out a hole, but there are probably better zones for this.

Twilight Highlands

Wildhammer Gryphon

Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling: this Flyer doesn’t have any unique abilities, but it’s got such a cute look! Don’t waste too much time farming for a rare, but an uncommon shouldn’t be too time consuming. There aren’t many spawn points, but it’s a common secondary pet.

Twilight Fiendling

Twilight Fiendling: this Magic pet can do alot of damage if you get the right breed. I was impatient, didn’t understand breeds, and wasted a Magic upgrade stone on a pure Stamina breed. I also haven’t used that pet very much since. There are better pets out there, but it’s cool looking and if you can find one in a Power breed it can be pretty good (I think).

If you don’t have a rare Prarie dog or Marmot type pet, this is a good place to farm for one (Yellow-Bellied Marmot). They are much more useful than you’d think when fighting tamers. Otherwise, the remaining pets are just okay.


This is probably the other “must visit” zone, especially if you’re looking for a rare moth or frog that you don’t want to level from scratch.

Oasis Moth

Oasis Moth: this Flyer isn’t any different from the other moths, but you’re more likely to come across one here than any some other zones. If you have a rare, or don’t care about moths, you can always get one in Pandaria. But this isn’t a bad place to farm or level pets and grab one.

And that’s all she wrote! What are you even doing here? Pandaria awaits!


Pet Notebook #5: Northrend Edition

Just like Outland, there are many pets in Northrend, most of them are similar to pets you have seen before, but with unique skins and occasionally a different ability. Then there are the dragon pets, which are more numerous than on other continents, but often with difficult spawns. Blizzard is still working on adding new pets to Northrend, including the Unborn Val’kyr, which is likely to be tough to catch as well.

Rather than go zone-by-zone, I’m listing the must have and hard to catch pets and you can look up other pets on WowHead. Also, don’t forget about the Argent Tournament which has a number of cool pets, Breanni’s shop at Dalaran, which has a number of nice pets, and the sewer market in Dalaran, which has the scary, but fun, Ghostly Skull.

The Required List

Nexus Whelpling

Nexus Whelpling. The consensus is a slow but steady spawn rate. The abilities are the same as the Azure Whelpling. Not an absolute must, but very cool and tamable pet.

Emerald Proto-Whelp

Emerald Proto-Whelp. According to the WowHead comments, there seems to be some voodoo involved in getting these to spawn. I capped mine by persistently checking the location while looking for the Scourged Whelpling and waiting for snow in Storm Peaks.

Its abilities are similar to the Emerald Whelpling. The combination of the strong self-heal, the magic attack, and the shield ability make this very good against the later tamers you will come across. Catch one, upgrade ASAP, and level it. You will use it.

Water Waveling

Water Waveling. This pet is very good at killing other Elementals and does well against the few Mechanicals you come across. It spawns quickly and you have a good chance at getting a rare. In fact, you will likely come across more than one, so try and go for the stamina/speed breed over the more balanced breed as hitting first is important with this pet. Catch a Rare, level it, you will use it.

The Hard to Catch List

Oily Slimeling

Oily Slimling. Slow spawning and hard to catch in a rare. If you already have a good ooze, you don’t need it, but it’s still a good pet.

Scourged Whelpling

Scourged Whelpling. Very long spawn rate that may have been improved in the last patch. They are perfect for killing Dragonkin, but you will likely have to take whatever you can catch and use an upgrade stone unless you are very lucky or very patient.

And that’s it. There are lots of other cool pets, but if your goal is to get to Pandaria, you can come back for them later!

Pet Notebook #4: Outland Edition

There are alot of interesting pets in Outland. Some of them are similar to the Azeroth pets but with interesting skins or abilities. There is also a pet vendor in Netherstorm and a couple of reputation pets you can pick up.

Rather than go zone by zone with a shopping list, I’ve picked four that I think are the creme of the crop. But first:

A Note About Breeds

Not all pets are exactly the same. In addition to the Rare/Uncommon designation you already know about, there are also different ways that the stats for the pet are distributed.

Some pet breeds are balanced equally between Health, Power, and Speed. These pets don’t have any huge weaknesses, but depending on the pet, they may be less effective than a breed that puts most of its stats in speed or power.

This isn’t as important early on, when you’re just hoping to get a rare or uncommon version to show up. Once you have access to Upgrade Stones, you will likely want to try and pick the best breed you can get and then upgrade it to a Rare.

Pets to Plunder


Cogblade Raptor is a cool little mechanical pet located near Toshley’s Station in Blade’s Edge. It does good damage on its own, but also has a debuff that works well with swarming or damage over time pet attacks. If you can find it, go for one of the speed breeds, but it may take some farming for a rare due to the weird spawn rate.


Clefthoof Runt can be found in Nagrand running with the larger Clefthoof herds. It’s a tough pet to kill with a good ability set. If you catch it at the right time, you can farm it for a rare without too much trouble. It comes in either a hit point or balance breed.


Fel Flame, located in Shadowmoon Valley is a must have. It does a lot of damage and makes several of the tamers you face later much easier.

It has very sporadic spawning. If you lose patience and settle for Uncommon over a Rare, that’s no big deal. It comes in pure HP breeds and HP/Speed or HP/Power breeds. You want one of the later two, with power being somewhat better.


Flayer Youngling spawns in the hills on the border of Terrokar Forest and Hellfire. It’s another must have simply because humanoids are hard to come by and this one does well against both Critters and Dragonkin.

It may take some luck to get one of these in a Rare since they have a small spawning area. They come in 10 different breeds. Ideally you want a Speed or Power breed over a balance or hit point, but it’s probably better to take the best you can find now and then maybe come back later with an upgrade stone.

Pet Notebook #3: Levels 15-18

You’ve tamed the Eastern Kingdoms. Your pets should be Level 19 or 20. Hopefully, they have a few friends. But before heading to Outland, let’s take a look at the remaining zones.

The Cool Zones

Un’Goro Crater

pet notebook - diemetradon hatchling

Several cool pets here though Diemetradon Hatchling is the only really unique one.


pet notebook - anodized robo cubpet notebook - rabid nut varmintpet notebook - robo-chick

Lots of unique Mechanical pets and some interesting Critters. Worth the trip though some of the Mechanicals may be tough to find in Rare or Uncommon.

Searing Gorge

pet notebook - fire beetle

pet notebook - lava crab

pet notebook - molten hatchling

Fire Beetle, Lava Crab, and Molten Hatchling are interesting options, though not “must have.”

Swamp of Sorrows

pet notebook - huge toad

pet notebook - strand crab

pet notebook - parrot

If you’re looking for a rare Aquatic, Flying, or Snake pet, this is a good place to farm for one.

Deadwind Pass

pet notebook - arcane eye

Restless Shadeling

Restless Shadeling

Arcane Eye and Restless Shadeling are both very cool and worth farming for. It takes a bit of work to get a rare in either, though even uncommon is good.

The Meh Zones


Minfernal More like Myth-fernal amirite?

More like Myth–fernal amirite?

This zone has Minfernal, theoretically. But most of the time what it has are a bunch of tainted rats and moths and other useless stuff. Totally skippable.


A couple of moths that aren’t really different from ones you can get elsewhere. Skippable.


Snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. Can totally skip it.


More spiders, snakes, lizards, etc. Also skippable.

Burning Steppes

Basically, this has the same pets as Searing Gorge only slightly more difficult to farm in.

Blasted Lands

Same as Burning Steppes only with less selection.

Pet Notebook #2: Levels 6-14

After beating up on the first set of trainers, your pets should be level 10 or 11 now. With the next trainer being level 13, and also annoying. Now is a great time to look for a few more pets. We’re going zone by zone to see what’s out there!

The Cool Zones

The Cape of Stranglethorn

Baby Ape alone makes this zone worth the trip, though that pet only comes out when it rains. Spiders, snakes, lizards, crabs and other pretty cool pets also live here.


Arathi Highlands

Tiny Twister has some unique abilities that make it worth the trip. Frogs and other critters are also worth looking into.


Eastern Plaguelands

One of the next two tamers you fight is here. But there are also some good pets you can tame. Festering Maggot is a tough pet, though it’s hard to find as a rare.


Also, Infected Fawn and Infected Squirrel are very useful pets against some of the tamers you will fight. You may not get both in rare, but uncommon is good enough. The rats and bats are okay as well if you find one as a rare.


The Hinterlands

Another of the tamers you fight is here. Jade Oozeling is also here and it is a very good magic pet. It may be hard to find as a rare, but even uncommon is good for those that are lacking an ooze.


Brown Marmot is also a very good pet if you don’t already have a Prairie Dog type of pet. Maggots and other critters here are also pretty good.


Stonetalon Mountains

Hard to get to, but a large variety of pets (including a Rabid Nut Varmint), so you have a good chance at a useful rare if you want to make the trip.



Even harder to get to, but another large variety of pets to fill out your roster.


Nether Faerie Dragon makes this worth the trip. There’s also a Stunted Yeti that occasionally spawns and some other nice pets.


Southern Barrens

Giraffe Calf is very cool looking, but pretty hard to catch. This is also a good zone to pick up a rare snake, prairie dog or frog if you don’t have one already.


Dustwallow Marsh

Spawn of Onyxia (or one just like it) is a must have. It takes some work to get it in uncommon or rare, but it’s worth it. The other pets here are kind of meh.



Must visit zone with lots of different and unique pets. Infinite Whelpling (another very good dragonkin) is nice to grab though it has a weird spawn rate. You can also find snakes, spiders, a cute sand kitten, seagulls and some critters. Finally, Silithid Hatchling spawns here during a sandstorm, though it’s not that great for the amount of work it takes to get it.


The Meh Zones


It has two spiders, which are okay pets, but it is very hard to get a rare version of either of them. The rest of the pets are shared with other zones, so it’s very skippable.


Northern Stranglethorn

Polly is here if you need a flyer, but don’t expect to find a rare one. This zone also has the same spiders, snakes, lizards, crabs, and moths as the Cape of Stranglethorn. Nothing you can’t skip.


Hillsbrad Foothills

Infested Bear Cub is here though it takes some work to even get it to show up. It’s deliciously disgusting but you probably won’t be able to farm for a rare one. Lofty Libram is also here and it also has a low spawn rate. Both pets are totally skippable. This zone also has toads and other pets you’ve seen before and will see again.


Western Plaguelands

Blighthawk is kind of okay, but skippable. Rats and toads are the other options.


Thousand Needles

It has a lizard, and some creepy crawly type stuff. Completely Skippable.


Pet Notebook #1: Levels 1-6

So your pets should all be level 5 or 6 now. That’s pretty cool. But unfortunately the next Tamer is level 7. Also, his pets are all nasty spider things that hurt you. Unless you’re packing some serious hardware (Darkmoon Tonk anyone), I wouldn’t try and take him on until you’re level 7. But that’s okay because there’s plenty of cool pets you may not have seen yet! Let’s look at them zone by zone.

The Cool Zones

Dun Morogh

Fluxfire Feline is so cool that they’re going to nerf it in the next patch. Still, it’s a mechanical that does beast damage so it’s worth leveling a few pets on it until you get an uncommon. Snow Cub is also very cute though it may take a long time to get a rare one.



Loch Modan

Little Black Ram is a Beast. It’s also not that hard to find a rare, but they are hard to capture and they sometimes bring an identical friend. Expect to wipe out a few times if your pets are at or below level. That being said, I have two rares and still haven’t maxed even one out. This has a lot to do with the rough treatment Beasts get in the end game.



Tiny Bog Beast is hard to acquire, especially in a rare or uncommon, but it is very good when fighting tamers in the end game. So cap one and hold it until you get an upgrade stone. But don’t waste hours trying to get a rare. The rest of the pets are okay.



Darkshore Cub is worth the trip and seems to have a rare fairly often. Its hibernate ability makes it very hard to kill. The rest of the pets, not so much.


Northern Barrens

A Cheetah Cub, some cool looking snakes, and a (sporadically spawning) Harpy Youngling. What’s not to love?




Kind of hard to get to if you’re alliance. But it’s got lowbie versions of some cool mechanical pets.



You can’t fly in this zone, but the Spirit Crab is fairly easy to farm for a rare if you’re short on cool looking undead pets.


Tirisfal Glades

Lost of Lordaron is worth grabbing, though you probably need a lowbie alt if you’re alliance.


The Meh Zones

Elwynn Forest

All the pets here pretty much fall into the meh category. If you run across a rare, capture it, but you’ll see all of these pets, or at least something like them, over and over again. There’s no point in grinding for a rare or uncommon here.


Like Elwynn, there are some pets here you will see again and again. The snake and shore crab, for example. The prairie dog is cool, but you’ll have another shot at one in the Barrens and other zones. If you don’t have a mechanical squirrel or something like it, you should try and get a Tiny Harvester in uncommon or better. Or maybe not.


Redridge Mountains

The Fledgling Buzzard there is kind of cool looking, but it will take awhile to get a rare. The rest are not really worth farming for either. It’s a good place to level, so go ahead and battle here. Maybe you’ll luck out and get a rare, but don’t worry too much if you don’t.



Some people seem to like the owl here. Nothing else is that interesting.


A nice variety of pets to help you level, but nothing special and it’s hard to get to from alliance side.


Lots of Beetles, Snakes, and Toads. A Lizard that’s cool, but not worth the farming it takes for a rare. You can totally skip this place!


The Gazelle Fawn is very cute but it has the same abilities as a common variety Fawn. So kind of worth the visit if you’re into cute. Otherwise skip it.


Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles

So you can’t fly here and the pets are cool looking variations on pets you can get elsewhere. You be the judge.

Eversong Woods

No flying as well. The Ruby Sapling, is cool, though you can get a pet from Alliance questing with the same abilities if you don’t want to make the trip.


Silverpine Forest

A good place to go for weird pets. But you don’t need to go out of your way for it.